In the latest NBA power rankings, the Sixers are sitting at #21. NBA Insider David Thorpe posts a “Rookie Watch” piece about which rookies are hot right now.  The Sixers Jrue Holiday did not make the Top 10 nor the Honorable Mention List, but Holiday did eventually get mentioned by Thorpe.

Speaking of Holiday, here’s a great article by’s Dei Lynam on Holiday’s recent trip home in LA to see his mom’s high school team play.  Both of Holiday’s parents are basketball coaches.

Also we have this ray of hope from from NBA Insider John Hollinger…The 76ers have a 1% chance of making the 2010 playoffs.  The problem is we need to decrease those odds even further if we want to get a good Lottery position.

With that fact in mind we’ll take a look at the 2010 NBA Draft.  According to the much respected the Sixers will take power forward Partick Patterson from Kentucky withe the 7th pick in the draft.  Just what we need, another forward. predicts the Sixers will select Georgetown big-man Greg Monroe at #9.  We’d much prefer a shooting guard like James Anderson of Oklahoma State  or maybe Xavier Henry of Kansas.’s Kate Fagan blogs about just how lost the Sixers are right now.

Bob Cooney of the Daily News has some interesting points in a Sixers post he put up on  According to Cooney’s math, “Since snapping a three-game losing streak on the road in Portland on Dec. 28, the Sixers have played 28 games.  They’ve gone 15-13 during that stretch for a .536 winning percentage.  If they kept that pace throughout the season, they’d be about the fifth or sixth seed for an Eastern playoff spot. We’ve also learned what usually happens to those seeds in the first round.”

The long-time trainer of the Detroit Pistons has banned Piston players from wearing the Nike Hyperize shoe because of the rash of injuries he believes the shoe is responsible for causing.  Has anyone gotten the news to our “Chief Blocka”?  We believe AI9 has been fighting a nagging ankle injury.

In a lengthy but solid article about how to fix the NBA,’s Bill Simmons lists the Sixers as one of the franchises in the League with which the, “fan bases have reached a breaking point…”

We know Steve Nash was simply ridiculous the other night in the Suns W over the Sixers.  However we learn from that the real reason PHX won was the performance of Jason Richardson. notes that PHX is 18-2 this season when J-Rich scores 20 points or more — he hit the Sixers for 24 on Wednesday night.

It’s been a quiet week on Twitter for the 76ers.  We guess getting smacked around in 3 of your last 5 will do that to a group of guys, but we dug this older post up from AI9’s account.  As the Sixers were flying out on the first night of their current road trip AI9 put up this Twitpic (at left) of the inside of Sammy Dalembert’s jacket.

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