So you think you’re having a  rough week?  Well quit your whining and check out what has been going on lately in the life of Allen Iverson.  We guarantee the stretch of days between March 1st  and March 7th does not make Allen’s “Best Week Ever” list. 

A little over a week after he announced that he was leaving the 76ers for the foreseeable future to be with his ill 4-year old daughter Messiah and just a couple of days after he allegedly made an ill-advised and controversial appearance at a 2010 CIAA late night club party in Charlotte, NC there is now a story in the Atlanta Journal Constituiton today that claims Allen’s wife of 8+ years Tawanna Iverson, has filed for divorce. 

What makes it even more difficult for Allen, is that according to the AJC, Tawanna filed the paperwork on Tuesday, the same day that 76ers General Manager announced that Allen “will not return to the Sixers for the remainder of the season, as he no longer wishes to be a distraction to the organization and teammates that he loves very deeply.”  

Talk about kicking a guy while he is down.  OUCH.

Again according to the AJC which cited court papers as their source, in a divorce petition filed on Tuesday, Tawanna Iverson said her 8 ½-year-long marriage to the guard was “irretrievably broken.”  In the petition, Tawanna Iverson asked for temporary and permanent custody of their five children as well as child support and alimony.

The children range in ages from 17 months to 15 years.  The children and their parents have lived in north Atlanta since August 2009.

As any 76ers fan will remember, Allen and Tawanna got married in August 2001.  After the ceremony, a reception filled with A-List athletes and hip-hop artist as well as then Sixers head coach Larry Brown and then Sixers President Pat Croce, was held at the posh Mansion in Voorhees, New Jersey. 

In a scene straight out of Hollywood, the Iversons took numerous steps to keep the location a secret, including hiring an out-of-town wedding planner and requiring contractors to sign confidentiality agreements.  Guests were told to meet at several Philadelphia hotels, where they were picked up by buses and taken to Voorhees.  Rumor has it that the bus drivers were informed of the final destination by radio once the buses were loaded with passengers.


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