After last night’s 107-96 debacle against Indiana, which was missing its best player in Danny Granger, that one word pretty much describes the 76ers (23-40), Eddie Jordan and us today.  It was another horrific loss by the Philadunkia’s home team that featured no defense, insane lineup choices / rotations and poor shot selection.  You’ve heard it all right here before, so there really isn’t anything new that we can say from an X & Os standpoint about loss number 40 in this train wreck of a season.  We’re simply tired of writing about the same issues the day after every Sixers game.  Basically we’re toast.

It obvious that arguably the Sixers two best players Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala, have quit on this season and are toast too. 

You can see it in their body language that they’ve had enough of the losing and Eddie Jordan’s insanity.  We said that two weeks ago, but it was never more obvious then last night, as the so called “leaders” of this franchise gave half-hearted efforts on the court vs. Indiana.  It’s especially noticeable with Iguodala on the defensive end.  He clearly has given up on playing the typical lock down defense he has become known for in this League.  We can’t say we blame him either, because outside of Jrue Holiday’s ball pressure and Sammy D’s shot blocking no one else on this team has played defense in months. 

As for Brand, well all you have to do is read between the lines of his post game quotes.  Let’s be honest, Brand does not like Jordan and his system one bit, and for months the Sixer big man has been implying that Jordan’s coaching is the main issue with this team, but his wise cracking post game comments last night left no doubt.  When asked if the Pacers loss was because of match-up issues, Brand replied rather sarcastically, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, probably a matchup thing.  We didn’t utilize our mismatches and they utilized theirs.  Guys like Dahntay Jones and (Brandon) Rush, 25 points and 24 points…”   If you can’t see through that not so well disguised shot at Jordan, then you should visit the nearest Kramer eye center. 

Head coach Eddie Jordan is toast as well and we’re not just talking about the fact that he is going to lose his job at the end of the season (More on that later.).  He’s had enough of Brand and Iguodala and probably Ed Stefanski as well.  In what we can only assume is an act of revenge on his three combatants, Jordan has taken to running the Princeton offense again and benching Brand and AI9 for long periods of time .  Last night neither Brand nor AI9 played much in the 3rd quarter and they did not play at all in the 4th. 

With Brand it’s a personal thing for Jordan.  The two have not gotten along since day one and we believe that Jordan blames Brand’s presence, his “Philly Max” contract and the directive from above to get Brand the ball as the reasons for the Princeton offense not working here in Philadelphia and his tenure failing in general.  As for Iguodala, well we can’t exactly pinpoint where the Sixers “superstar” and Jordan hit a rough spot, but it’s become obvious that AI9 has fallen out of favor with the head coach. 

On the Stefanski front it’s simply a power struggle thing.  Jordan has not appreciated Stefanski telling him how to run this team and now that Jordan is taking the fall for this disaster of a season, he’s going to go down in flames his own way.

The good news out of all of this mess is that the 2009-10 season appears headed for a Titanic-like ending and that will put the Sixers much closer to the Top 5 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft that this franchise so desperately needs.

Philadunkia Notes:

The whole Eddie Jordan is getting fired story line has been getting a lot of attention over the last couple of days in the “main stream” media.  Look we’ve all known for a while now that Jordan was getting fired at some point and would not be back for the 2010-11 season.  It was obvious when Stefanski brought Iverson back that the Eddie Jordan and his Princeton offense experiment was over.  It became even more obvious in late January when Stefanski began playing puppet master and had Jordan insert rookie Jrue Holiday into the starting lineup and reinsert Brand into the first-five.  The idea that Jordan would not return for a second season was cemented when he lost this team completely two weeks back.  Any Sixers fan could see the writing on the wall, Jordan was one and done here in Philly.  There was no doubt about it.

Any decent Sixers fan could also deduce that Ed Stefanski’s career as the Sixers GM was in serious danger as well.  On top of mistakes like giving Brand the “Philly Max” and Iguodala $80million, Stefanski was also the one who brought Jordan to Philly.  

So last week sports radio 610 WIP host Howard Eskin “broke the news” that Jordan would be fired at the end of the season.  Eskin of course cited “sources” within the Sixers organization as his informants.  In today’s Inqy, Kate Fagan continues with this storyline and writes that she has confirmed with multiple “sources” within Comcast and the Sixers that Jordan will be fired, possibly before the end of the season and that Ed Stefanski’s job could be in jeopardy as well.

Can we please just stop with this story angle?  It’s yesterday’s news.  We have no doubt that both Eskin and Fagan checked with good sources on this one as they both have proven to be solid journalists over the years.  We also realize that there is an enormous amount of pressure on “main stream” journalists to out “scoop” the competition or unearth “breaking news stories”.  However, if you’re going to “break” a story and it’s going to get major air time or page space, then try to tell us something that the average Sixers fan on the street doesn’t already know.

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