On Wednesday Kate Fagan had a story in the Inqy which said sources told her that 76ers head coach Eddie Jordan will be fired at the end of the year and those same sources indicated to Fagan, “that Jordan could be fired before this season ends – if it becomes obvious he has lost the team…”  Of course the higher ups inside Comcast-Spectacor are denying that any such decision has been made, but since Fagan has always been a solid sports journalist, we’re going to roll with her version of this story.  

So with that thought in mind and with the 102-87 beat-down the Bobcats gave the Sixers (23-41) last night fresh in our heads, our question to Comcast-Spectacor Chairman Ed Snider and his right hand man Pete Luukko is, “How much more lost do the Sixers need to appear before you fire Eddie Jordan?”

We ask because if this was our franchise, Jordan’s post game press conference last night would have been followed by another press conference announcing that his clown act in Philly this season was now over.  We have said many times before that Jordan should have gotten the heave months ago, so our thoughts on this are not new.  However let’s for a second pretend that we’re Snider and Luukko and for whatever reasons, we are willing to let Jordan ride out this season and then move on.  Wouldn’t last night’s utter debacle down at the Wachovia Center, arguably the low point for the Sixers in this train wreck of a season, have changed your mind?  

It certainly would have for us.  Eddie Jordan has more then just lost this Sixers team, he has actually caused a serious regression.  While last night’s ass-whoopin’ at the hands of former Sixers head coach Larry Brown and his “play the right way” Bobcats may not have been the Sixers worst statistical night of the year, it certainly was the most pathetic effort they have displayed in 2009-10.  It’s hard to believe this is the same team that used a philosophy of high energy, tough defense and pushing the ball, to rally late in the 2008-09, finish with 41 wins and make the NBA Playoffs.  Many of the current Sixers just don’t even care right now.  It’s rare that it happens with a group of professional athletes this talented.  Usually personal pride or a team leader gets in the way and keeps a squad from quitting.  It would never have happened with the 2008-09 version of Philadunkia’s home team, but it has gone down in the current Sixers locker room thanks to Jordan and it’s sad to watch.

You can witness it on-the-court in the players lack of hustle, their non-existent defense and their body language. You can hear it in their cliché post game comments uttered in low tones and see it in the vacant stares that accompany their words.  This team is beyond lost, they’re marooned or whatever it is that comes after hopelessly lost.  We just pray their faith can be rebuilt in time for 2010-11.  The sooner the Sixers organization get started on mapping out a way for these players relocate their desire and love for this game, the better off this group will be in the long run.

 Firing Eddie Jordan NOW would be a great first step in that long journey.

Philadunkia Notes :

76ers practice today has been closed to the media.  Typically that means something is cooking down at the Sixers offices.  Stay tuned.

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