The 76ers (24-46) continued their embarrassing level of play this weekend with a loss on Friday night to the New York Knicks (92-88) up at at MSG and then returned home to the Wachovia Center on Saturday where they promptly got steam rolled (98-84) by the Chicago Bulls. 

We said two weeks ago that many players on the Sixers had mailed it in for 2009-10 and we are now witnessing first hand how ugly it can get for an NBA team that’s had it’s spirit broken and has become simply disinterested in competing on a nightly basis.

The good news behind the Sixers recent on court performances, which have been very painful to watch, is that the mounting losses are pulling Philadunkia’s home team closer to a top five NBA Lottery selection this June. 

The Sixers have lost two straight, are 2-8 in their last 10 and currently are tied with Sacramento and Indiana for 6th worst record in the NBA.  The even better news is that we don’t see the guys in red, white and blue winning anytime soon.  Look at the Sixers next five games: vs. Orlando; @ Milwaukee; vs. Atlanta; vs. OKC and @ Charlotte. 

Obviously Orlando and Atlanta are two of the best teams in the East and it would take a miracle effort for the Sixers to pull out a W in either of those games.  With Eddie Jordan at the helm, Andre Iguodala bombing threes from all over and Elton Brand having gone MIA, a miracle is not going to happen any time soon for the Sixers.  The remaining games out of the next five are against teams which are currently projected to be in the playoffs and are looking to improve their seeding.  Additionally, the Bucks, Bobcats and Thunder have all defeated the Sixers once this season back when the Sixers cared and featured real NBA level talent, so we don’t predict that MIL, CHA or OKC will slip up and take an L to the current Sixers team which has checked out mentally and that’s giving big minutes to Jason Kapono and Jodie Meeks. 

There’s no reason to believe this current losing streak won’t reach 7 games and believe it or not that actually hurts to write.  However, considering that the goal right now is to improve the Sixers 2010 NBA Draft Lottery position, it’s the good kind of pain.  You know the kind of pain that supposedly makes you better in the long run.  Right?!?

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