dileo05-04As if the 76ers Game 6 debacle in which the home team looked like a bad CYO squad was not depressing enough, the manner in which players have been throwing each other and the coaching staff “under the bus” after “Black Thursday” is enough to make us seek professional help.


As we sort through all the slams, quotes, statements and spin control one question keeps coming up here at the Philadunkia offices, “How did the 76ers organization keep a lid on all this drama for an entire season?”


Only two items that have emerged from the Wachovia Center in the aftermath of Game 6 have NOT surprised us. The first is that Dalembert wants out of Philly. It was well known that right before this season’s NBA trade-deadline Dalembert appeared in Ed Stefanski’s office and asked to be traded. Several NBA sources reported that Stefanski shopped Sammy but thanks to the monster contract Billy King inked him to and his terrible work ethic, there were no takers. 


The second item is that Andre Miller is not thrilled to be playing in Philadelphia. Miller has hinted at that idea in the past several times. We don’t care what his agent Any Miller says about a “miscommunication” as the reason for Andre Miller missing the team’s final meeting, Miller was absent because he most likely will not be in a Sixer uni next season.


But all the rest of the drama that has surfaced since the nightmare that was Game 6 caught us off guard. In fact to be honest it shocked us. Who knew until the finger pointing, whining and bickering began on Thursday night that this team was a total mess in the locker room? Not us, that’s for sure. 


Still what is more amazing then the way this seemingly cohesive unit turned on each other in their darkest hour is that somehow the 76ers kept all of this drama in the locker room until the final game of the year.  In an era where “sources” are always lurking and players air their squad’s dirty laundry on their blogs or via Twitter and coaches call players out during post game press conferences, not a word of all the Sixers’ “inner turmoil” leaked to the general public during the past season.


miller05-04We’re not sure who the credit goes to – the Sixers front office, the media relations staff, the players themselves or all of the above, but someone did a great job of convincing the entire 76ers organization to keep the team’s issues, which apparently there were a mother load of, in-house and thus portray the 2008-09 Sixers to the fans as a unified and harmonious squad.


So to whomever is responsible for keeping the 76ers in-fighting and name calling behind close doors all year, we say congratulations on a job well done. You should consider a career in politics.


The Sixers – where the code of silence happens.

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