There are some who say we here at Philadunkia have been too critical of the 76ers on the court, the sidelines and in the front office this season.  Hell, Louis Williams went as far as to block us from his Twitter account feed apparently because our comments on the Sixers combo-guard and the team offended him.  We disagree with Louis and the rest of  Phialdunkia’s critics and offer that we’ve been more then fair in analyzing all elements of the 76ers during this absolute train wreck of a season. 

So we have to admit that a a smile crept across our collective mugs when we found the following NBA insider gem in this week’s Sports Illustrated which supports many of the things we have been saying  about the Sixers efforts over the last couple of weeks.

We’ve been saying for close to a month now that the Sixers had quit on their lame-duck head coach Eddie Jordan and the remainder of this 2009-10 season.  To anyone who possess the slightest bit of basketball knowledge it should have been obvious from the body language of the Sixers players, their on-court effort and decisions as well as their post game quotes, that the Sixers mailed in this season a while ago.  Well apparently we’re not the only ones who believe this is what has happened inside the Sixers locker room.

Take a look at what one Western Conference scout told Sports Illustrated NBA writer Chris Mannix about the 76ers for his “Scout’s Take” sidebar this week…

“They are having dunk contests before games; they’re running plays sloppily or not all the way through; and they aren’t listening to (coach) Eddie Jordan. They have quit.  They know Eddie is gone (after the season), and they think they don’t have to listen to him anymore.  The thing is, they are making themselves look like assholes.  These guys think that just because Eddie is gone they will be back (next year).  But nobody wants guys who give up when things go bad. Eddie offense was a bad fit for this roster – they have to find a way to play more up-tempo – but these guys are embarrassing themselves.  And everyone around the league knows it.”  


And you thought we had been harsh on the Sixers recently.

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