Yesterday in our “FO’ with the FOES” preview post we put in a strong suggestion to the 76ers that in effort to improve their 2010 Draft position, they should lose last night’s game to the Detroit Pistons, a team currently residing below them in the NBA standings. 

Now we did not expect the Sixers (26-51) to listen to our suggestion — they haven’t all year, why would they start with game # 77?  So needless to say we were shocked last night when the Sixers granted our wish and went down to the lowly Pistons (losers or 11 straight by the way) in nearly unwatchable fashion. 

Last night’s disaster down at the Wachovia Center, including the post-game jabs traded between the lame duck head coach and some of the players was a perfect way to wind down this train wreck of a season.  Here is our quick breakdown of L number fifty-one.

The 76ers defense was non-existent last night :

  • The Sixers gave up 34 points in the 1st quarter as well as 34 points in the 4th.
  • They allowed Detroit to shoot 62% from the field and 41% on 3PAs.
  • The Sixers bigs let “Big Ben” Wallace go off for a season high 18 points.  For the record, Wallace is older then the Liberty Bell and is averaging 5 ppg. this season.  It got so bad at one point, that the Pistons were running clear out / iso plays for Wallace on the blocks. 
  • The Pistons put 7 players in double figures and scored a season high 124 points.
  • The Sixers gave up 30 fast break points.

Eddie Jordan isn’t going down without making a statement :

  • It’s no longer about wins and loses for Eddie Jordan, it’s about saving face and proving that this roster not his coaching and / or his system is to blame for the meltdown in Philadelphia this season. 
  • Elton Brand and Sammy Dalembert were held to roughly 12.5 minutes each last night by Jordan who didn’t like the “energy” given by the veteran duo.   That comment led to a post game tiff between the two Sixer bigs and Eddie Jordan.  Jordan hasn’t liked Brand or his presence in the lineup all year, so that’s no surprise, but why he has turned on Sammy D of late is a mystery.
  • Jordan played his type of guys (all offense – no defense) such as Louis Williams (23 mins.) and Mo Speights (31 mins.) for extended periods of time.  The only one of Jordan’s three stooges that missed out last night was Willie Green (only 5 mins).  Additionally the offensive minded Jodie Meeks saw 28+ minutes last night.
  • Jordan played Jason Kapono 37 minutes last night.  Why would Jordan do this when Kapono was clearly having trouble guarding any Piston that took the floor?  We can only assume that it was to embarrass Kapono and prove to the Sixers front office that JK has been where he belonged all season — on the bench. 
  • Finally, it’s clear that the Sixers have quit on Jordan and he’s not happy about that at all.  Still, Jordan’s post game comments last night came across as the words of a desperate man looking for his next job and trying to put the blame on his  current players.  However, his “one foot at the pool or on the golf course” comment was tremendous and gave us a laugh.

But if you think we’re complaining about any of this, you’re crazy.  The Sixers did exactly what we asked of them last night and we love them for it.

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