The 76ers (27-55) lost their final game of the 2009-10 in the same way they began this debacle of a season — by getting blow out by the Orlando Magic.  No one is surprised at last night’s result at all.  In fact if you didn’t take the Magic minus the 10.5 points last night, well then you haven’t been watching the Sixers for the last two months. 

But forget about all of the on-the-court stuff for now, because Kate Fagan of the Inquire is reporting this morning that Eddie Jordan has been fired already and that the Sixers will hold  a press conference at 11am today to make it official.  We all knew, including Jordan himself, that this was coming, but DAMN that was quick.  We just wonder if it went down on the plane ride home from Orlando last night or did Stefanski  and Snider at least wait until Jordan came into the office this morning before handing him a pink slip.   

You can read Fagan’s full story on the Jordan firing this morning here.

We don’t want to say “We told you so!”, but we did.  We said Jordan was the wrong choice for this team the day he was hired as his style and personality were a terrible match for the personnel in the locker room and that turned out to be so true.  It’s just a shame that the Sixers brass didn’t have the stones to pull the plug on this experiment at the All-Star break. 

Jordan still has two years remaining on his contract (The final year of the 4-year deal was a team option.), so the 76ers will have to pay him for two more seasons to the tune of roughly $6 million.  If you do the math, that means when it’s all said and done, Jordan will get paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $297,000 for each of the 27 wins he racked up as the Sixers head coach this season. 

The Sixers will now begin the search for their fourth head coach in the last three seasons.

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