Obviously the firing of Eddie Jordan is the big news over the last two days and boy does it feel good to finally write that line.   There are just too many articles out there we could link to regarding Jordan’s dismissal and we didn’t want this post to be two pages long, so in the interest of time we’ll just hit you with two of our favorite links regarding Jordan finally getting canned.

The first Eddie Jordan got fired link comes from Comcast SporstNet via  Numerous Sixers players were interviewed about Jordan’s dismissal and everyone passed on throwing EJ under the bus except Elton Brand and Thaddeus Young.  Both Brand and Young took some shots at Jordan.  Young apparently was never “comfortable” this year and felt his role was not defined enough for him to succeed.  Brand of course had issues with Jordan regarding his own playing time, but also with the lack of minutes for Jason Kapono.

The second Eddie Jordan got fired link comes from the poor man’s Bill Simmons over at  In the wake of the Jordan firing and all the Larry Brown rumors, “Gonzo” writes that hiring LB will not be enough as, “No one man can put the Humpty Dumpty of hoops franchises back together again – at least not any time soon.”

Over at they remind us that back on April 16th, 2003 Michael Jordan played his last NBA game vs. the Sixers.  We reflected back on this event when MJ was elected to the Hall of Fame.  Titled “Getting the G.O.A.T.”, the post listed the best moments in 76ers history that occurred at the expense of Air Jordan and his teammates’s Power Rankings have the Sixers holding steady at #24 and brought this insight to the table for next year…”2010-11 outlook: Holiday has potential at the point, but there are too many bloated contracts on the books to make any real improvements.”, the official website of Mo Speights lets us know that Mo had a guest bartending gig last night.  No worries, it was for a good cause…the Ronald McDonald House of Philadelphia. has a very humorous look at who the 76ers should send to represent them at the NBA Draft Lottery on May 19th.

Via his Twitter account, Andre Iguodala thanks the fans who hung with the Sixers through this whole train wreck of a season.

Brian at asks a simple question regarding your faith in the Sixers front office.

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