WOW.  That’s all we can really say about last night’s Draft Lottery results.  We can not believe that something actually went right for the 76ers.  Maybe Jrue Holiday has the magic touch or perhaps the basketball gods decided we had suffered enough and it was time to give the Sixers a break.  Who knows what the answer is and really, who cares?!  Somehow the 76ers leap-frogged from their odds slotted 6-spot in the 2010 NBA Draft all the way up to No. 2.  As the legendary Al Michaels would say, “Do you believe in miracles? Yes.”

Speaking of hockey, raise your hand if last night in between Flyer goals you actually watched the Draft Lottery and thus were sprinting around the living room when Golden State’s card got pulled at No. 6.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller? 

So maybe we were one of the few that cared enough to watch the Draft Lottery festivities.  We’re okay with that fact, because last night was a huge step forward in the effort to pull this franchise out of the NBA cellar.  However for those of you that believe it’s a certified lock that the Sixers will use the #2 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft to select Ohio Sate shooting guard Evan Turner, we have some interesting Draft insights for you. 

At first and second glance, selecting Turner certainly would solve a major problem for the Sixers who have been without a true starting two-guard for several years now.  However, Turner is not rated by NBA scouts as a knockdown long range jump shooter and thus a number of the NBA Draft projection “experts” have the Sixers going in another direction at No. 2.  Take a look at these numbers…

A tip of the hat to our man Dan Feldman at for doing all the leg work and sharing his stats with us here at Philadunkia.  Feldman researched 18 different mock drafts after the Draft Lottery order was revealed and according to Feldman’s stats, only 89% of the mock drafts have the Sixers grabbing Turner.  Some experts have the Sixers going with DeMarcus Cousins, while others believe it will be Derrick Favors who hears his name called at No. 2.  Among those who think the Sixers will not select Turner are Tom Ziller of FanHouse (Favors); Dave Del Grande of CBS Sports (Cousins); and HoopsWorld (Favors).  Ziller had this to say on the Sixers passing up the opportunity to select Turner…

” Most teams would take Evan Turner at No. 2, but I see the 76ersaddressing the frontcourt. It’s not universally accepted that Turner is the best player available next to Wall — that picked up steam heading into the NCAA Tournament, but it’s hardly some serious truth. It’s very debatable. Favors is a savory prospect whose perhaps irrelevant connection to Dwight Howard can only boost his stock. Besides, two guards going 1-2 hasn’t happened in decades.”

Another interesting post Draft-Lottery tidbit comes from  Writer Austin Burton was on a conference call with Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld after the Draft Lottery order was revealed and Grunfeld remained non-committal on whether or not the Wiz would take John Wall with the #1 pick.  “We had a lot of options already (with 2 first round picks in 2010)”, said Grunfeld, “but now we can get anybody we want and put them in place for the next eight, 10, 12 years.”  That’s an odd comment given that Wall has been the consensus #1 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft for nearly a year now.  Is Grunfeld playing coy or is there a move up his sleeve?  If the Wiz are crazy enough to pass on Wall with the first pick, that certainly would open up a host of options for the 76ers at #2.

Philadunkia Notes :

After the Draft Lottery last night Jrue Holiday was on NBA TV to discuss the Sixers miraculous move up to the #2 pick.  Watch as Holiday skillfully dodges a question about whether or not he is relieved that the Sixers did NOT get the #1 pick and thus have the option of selecting John Wall who plays the same position as Holiday.

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