Over at, Dei Lynam is killing it with her 2010 NBA Draft Coverage.  Another great video she posted over the last couple of days is this interview with Doug Collins about how the 76ers can get better defensively despite trading Sammy Dalembert.’s NBA scribe Jeff Goodman has the 76ers drafting Evan Turner.  The highly respected experts at also say it will be Turner.  But more importantly, did the Sixers own website accidentally tip off the rest of the world to the franchise’s plans for draft night with this image?

Stephen A. Smith writes that the Sixers must draft Evan Turner as “When you’re the Sixers, you have no choice but to pick a player of Turner’s caliber…”  However, Smith flat out refutes the idea that Collins is running the Sixers player personnel decisions, something many sources inside the NBA rumor mill are saying is happening.

In Chad Ford’s ( latest Mock Draft, Ford still has the 76ers selecting Turner with the #2 pick.  But Ford writes, “I do think it will take a blockbuster to convince Philly to move the No. 2 pick.  Either someone is going to have to take Elton Brand off the Sixers’ hands or offer them a young All-Star in return.  If they don’t get that offer, it’s more a toss-up between Turner and Favors than some think.”  Also according to Ford, DeMarcus Cousins had a much better workout in Philly then Derrick Favors.

One story that has all the Sixer heads talking is the one Michael Bradley wrote for the Philly Post (Philadelphia Mag’s latest attempt to break into the blog world) about Andre Iguodala likely being traded.  Bradley “With the help of three NBA personnel execs” determined that if the Sixers draft Turner they will likely move Iguodala.  It’s an interesting peiece although it goes against everything Doug Collins has said about AI9 to this point.  The fellas at The Big Lead (one of our favorite sports sites) took this story and ran with it, going as far as proposing 3 potential deals the Sixers could swing for Iguodala.

Jsams at is not a big fan of the Dalembert trade.  He writes, “Trading away the anchor of your defense and an elite rebounder for Nocioni and Hawes does not make “basketball sense” for the Sixers, despite what Ed Stefanski says…We just witnessed how important rebounding is in the NBA Finals.  The team who won the rebounding battle won all seven games. After the Dalembert trade, the Sixers currently have zero players who ranked in the top 88 in DREB% last season.  FYI: The Lakers and Celtics both had three in the top 88.”

Gary Moore, Allen Iverson’s personal manager, said that Iverson is planning a return to the NBA next season “Allen is working out and he’s getting himself prepared to make his return,” Moore said last Friday. “He absolutely will try and play next year.”  We wish Allen nothing but the best, so we hope he is working out and preparing for a return, but we find it hard to believe it is true.

Via Twitter we learn that potential 76ers draft pick Evan Turner (thekidet) has recently purchased a burberry watch. 

Also on the Twitter we learn from Thaddeus Young (youngsmoove21) that Monday was Thad’s birthday and that he pimped his pop’s ride for Father’s Day.

Finally, we’d like to say R.I.P. to Manute Bol.  Bol was truly one of the all-time nicest players to wear a Sixers uniform and he was a great humanitarian.  Phil Jasner wrote a fantastic piece on Bol for Monday’s Daily News.  You should check it out when you get a chance.

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