The 2010 NBA Draft is just hours away and if you have been following all of the mock drafts, online expert predictions and television analysis, it seems pretty obvious that the national sports media believes that the 76ers are locked in to taking Ohio State’s Evan Turner with the No. 2 pick in tonight’s Draft.

However, no one knows the Sixers better then our colleagues on the Philadelphia basketball scene and in the local sports media.  So with that in mind, we reached out to our contacts across the city and pulled together a sampling of opinions from Philly basketball minds on which prospect the 76ers will draft at No. 2 tonight as well as why Ed Stefanski and company will go in that direction.

Check out their thoughts after the jump.

Dick Jerardi – Daily News : Evan Turner…He was the best player in college basketball. Very high hoops IQ. Won’t need to be taught how to play. Already knows. Will be very low maintenance. He is a player that can help your team win games which is still the object. 

Pat Cassidy — Editor of Dime Magazine (Philly native & huge 76ers fan) : What should the Sixers do Thursday night?  Don’t mess around. Take Evan Turner. He will be by far the best player available, and is arguably the best overall player in the entire draft (yes, arguably better than John Wall).  He can play – and guard – multiple positions, is a leader and is a winner. You can’t say that about any player on the Sixers’ current roster.

What they cannot afford to do over think this pick. Don’t get caught up in thinking that the roster already has too many perimeter players; don’t start drafting by the team’s “needs.”  That is exactly how they will end up with a stiff.  This team stinks – they need everything. They especially need talented players. They need Evan Turner.

Phil Jasner – Daily News :  Evan Turner, solidifying their backcourt…Solving one problem at a time.

Mike Missanelli97.5 “The Fanatic” The Sixers will take Evan Turner because they (and General Manager Ed Stefanski, who seems to be on tenuous ground), cannot afford to make a mistake on a projection player.  Turner is the most ready player in the draft because of his college experience.  Drafting a solid player is much more in line with the Sixers situation right now than taking a player with upside and crossing your fingers and hoping it works out.

Dannie Evans – Editor of : Evan Turner…Turner is a level above every other prospect not named John Wall and I think Stefanski and the Sixers know this.  While he doesn’t quite seem like an ideal fit, they can’t worry about that when drafting this high and considering they won just 27 games last year taking the best player is a must.  Draft Turner, figure out the fit/roster dynamics later.

Phil Martelli – Head Coach, St. Joe’s Men’s Basketball : Turner – a big piece that fits perfectly into their “puzzle”.  (Turner) will be in Philly a long time.

Ricky – Editor of : Sixers need a SG badly, in order to put Iguodala back to his real position, SF.  Turner and Holiday (20 y/o) will form the youngest starting backcourt in the NBA, and the backbone of the franchise for many years to come.  Since Sixers are not in a win-now mode, they go for the best players available, even if a big man would have perhaps fit their need (slightly) better. says…

Jeffrey McMenamin – Senior Writer for  :  My draft selection is Evan Turner. Turner is the Shooting Guard the Sixers have been looking for, for years. His 7 foot wingspan, ability to get to the foul line, and high basketball IQ will help him have an easier transition into the NBA. Turner is a great scorer and ball handler who will most likely share the point guard duties with Jrue Holiday next season.

Michael Kaskey-Blomain – Senior Writer for :  Evan Turner… He has the potential to be a legitimate NBA scorer and go to guy.  He’s mature and athletic and ready to contribute.  He could lock down the back court with Holiday for many years.  He’s more NBA ready than Cousins or Favors and could work to show the fans that the team wants to win now.

Carey Smith – Editor for :  I want Turner.  I hope and pray the 76ers take Turner, because he can help right away and I believe if he can develop a 3-ball  range jumper, that Turner and Holiday could be a nasty backcourt for years to come.  But there are too many rumors floating around about the Sixers taking other prospects for me to see this as a lock.  With the trade of Dalembert they also now have interior needs, so I won’t be surprised to hear the name of Wes Johnson (Who Collins gushes over), or Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins called by David Stern at No. 2

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