The 76ers will bring in former Washington Wizards head coach Eddie Jordan on Friday to interview with Ed Stefanski for the Sixers vacant head coaching position. Obviously Stefanski and Jordan have a past as Jordan was an assistant coach up the NJTPK while Stefanski worked in various positions in the Nets front office, including general manager. The Nets had a pretty successful run during the Jordan-Stefanski era, as they played in two straight NBA Finals. How much either of them had to do with that success is debatable, but we thought it was worth noting. As you may have read, Jordan is also being mentioned as the lead candidate for the Sacramento Kings head coaching position

Via a phone interview, Jordan gave ESPN a few quotes on his upcoming Sixers interview and among the comments he made, was the statement that he “prefers” to work for the Sixers over the Kings.

Here are some more of Jordan‘s comments from the ESPN phone interview :

…”I hate to use the word anxious, but I would like to get back in,” Jordan

On his prior time working with Stefanski in NJ : 

“We had had some tremendous success together,” Jordan said. “There’s a lot of positives in that, a lot of hard work in that.” 

On the 76ers in general:


“It’s a good team. You don’t make it to the playoffs two years in a row without being a good team,” Jordan said. “They have the right temperament and personality to make it in the NBA. They find ways to score and create points.”

Again, Jordan is also said to be in the running for Kings opening and he met with the Maloof brothers, owners of the Kings as well as Sacramento GM Geoff Petrie on Tuesday night. From the Kings official blog, fullcourtpress.kingsconnect.com Jordanwe pulled this quote from Petrie regarding the Kings meeting with

The meeting with Eddie went very well. We spent a lot of time discussing Eddie’s offensive and defensive philosophies. He spoke about developing individual players, but playing within a team-oriented system. There was some video analysis as well as a lot of X’s and O’s breakdown on the white board. He displayed some very interesting insights in his analysis of our current roster. We also talked about his development as a coach over the years, and he provided his thoughts on how a young Washington Wizards team improved during his tenure into a team that made the Playoffs in four out of his five full seasons there. Joe and Gavin were very engaged during the meeting and asked some outstanding questions.”

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