Yesterday, 76ers General Manager Ed Stefanski called into the Tony Bruno & Harry Mayes Show on 97.5 “The Fanatic”.   It’s the first time Ed has addressed the state of the franchise as a whole in a very long time and he had some interesting things to say, so we though we would provide you with a little recap.

To be honest Bruno & Mayes dropped the ball big time in this interview.  It’s obvious that neither of “The Fanatic” hosts have a deep knowledge of the current state of the 76ers as they didn’t know that the Stefanski has the $5 million mid level exception available to him so he has the ability to add a free agent to the roster for 2010-11.  Additionally, Bruno & Mayes asked to many “national” questions including several on the Lebron James to Miami drama and did not keep the interview focused on the 2010-11 Sixers, a topic on which we could have interviewed Ed on for hours.    

After the jump is a breakdown of Ed’s answers to Bruno & Mayes questions.   

Ed of course provided plenty of defense for Evan Turner’s struggles at the Orlando Pro Summer League.  He called it an “adjustment” period for Turner and said that the #2 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft needed to get use to the “speed of the game”.  Ed also noted that while Turner was “in shape”, he was not in “5 on 5 shape” as his agent would not let him play much basketball after he declared for the Draft.  He also reminded everyone that Jrue Holiday struggled mightily as a rookie during the 2009 OPSL. 

Stefanski said one thing we can expect from the Sixers under Doug Collins is that “you better play defense and you’d better leave it on the floor or you will not play”.  So we are delighted to hear that the 76ers don’t plan on trying to out-shoot everyone in this upcoming season like they tried to pull off under Eddie Jordan in 2009-10.

When asked if he sees the Sixers being active in the free agent market (particularly with the MLE), Stefanski replied, “I wouldn’t be surprised before the season started that we’d be able to make another move to improve the team…We have a mid-level exception that we could use, but I’d see us more doing a trade as opposed to using the mid level exception.” 

Stefanski also commented that he thought former Sixers GM Billy King getting a job with the New Jersey Nets (Ed’s former employer) was “great for Billy” and that King is an nice situation because he is working for an owner “who will spend anything to get the players out there…”. 

Ed also commented at length on the Lebron James saga and “The Decision” as well as the changed landscape in the Eastern Conference.

You can listen to the entire Ed Stefanski interview here.

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