We know this picture at left is nearly a week old, but we’ve been wondering all week, ‘What is it about 76er basketball legends that causes them to break our hearts like this?’ 

First it was Allen Iverson rocking a Dallas Cowboys ski cap(January 2010), now Charles in a Redskins jersey.  To be honest we have come to expect that kind of stuff from Allen.  But Chuck !?!…C’mon you should know better.

Kate Fagan of writes that Doug Collins wants Brand and AI9 to step up and be leaders on this team.

Fagan also says there is some confusion in the Sixers backcourt and it’s all in the name of getting Turner more touches this preseason.

Dei Lynam at files this video report on Nocioni and his role for this upcoming season.

Jordan Sams at felt the urge to defend the Samuel Dalembert trade once more.  Jordan…you don’t have to convince us it was the right move.  We’re willing to overlook the not-so-great salary cap implications of the move because Sammy’s terrible attitude and low basketball IQ are now gone from the roster. 

Over at AOL Fanhouse, Bethlehem Shoals and Tom Ziller preview the 2010-11 76ers.  Earlier this fall, head coach Doug Collins’ made a statement regarding the idea that Holiday “will be a top-five point guard in this league”.  In their preview Shoals says that statement “is patently ridiculous”.

Two night ago Louis got hi sh** thrown by Semih Erdenh of the C’s.  The swat garnered Erdenh “block of the night” honors on

Via Twitter we learn that Mo Speights is listening to Lil BoosieAI9 can not find a gym in Philly to get up some shots 24/7…and Thad’s friend thinks Jurassic Park is a scary movie for kids.

The Sporting News ranks Philadelphia as the 4th best sports city in America.  Some bitter rivals finished ahead of us in the poll.

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