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10/13/10 10:36 am EST

We’re not going to dive to deep into last nights comeback win over the Shaq-KG-Pierce-Rondo-Allen — less Celtics, But here are a few quick points we threw together.

  • The Sixers can not rebound at all.  For example, Elton Brand had no rebounds in 27 minutes vs. the C’s second unit.
  • We like the lineup with Brand at the center position.  The may not win a ton of games, but they will be fun to watch.
  • The Sixers have fallen off the sports landscape in this town.  We know last night was a meaningless preseason game, but 3,500 fans is a pathetic number.
  • Thad looked confident and smooth putting the ball on the floor in the first half.  His shooting however was horrific (3-12).  Hopefully that comes around.
  • We know it’s early and we know that rookies have a huge learning curve, but Evan Turner looks clueless on both ends of the floor.
  • While he shot the ball well last night (5-11) and had a better game (12 pts., 7 dimes & 7 rebs.), Jrue Holiday looks lost when Turner runs the point and the ball is NOT in his hands.
  • Jason Kapono is money from deep and he is the solution for the Sixers 3-point shooting issues.
  • The Sixers still need work on defense as they allowed the C’s second unit to shoot 50% from the field and from behind the arc.

More on last night’s game after the jump

Dei Lynam of files this report and video on last night’s victory over the Celtics junior varsity unit.

You can read a full recap of the game from Bob Cooney at

Check out the highlights from last night’s W over Boston on’s Ian Thomsen — a guy we think has serious NBA knowledge — picks the 76ers to finish 2nd in the Atlantic this season.  Thomsen writes, “This will be a good year if Turner and Holiday turn the corner, and a dream come true if Brand is rejuvenated.”

Over at Zac Jackson has posted his NBA power ranking and the Sixers come in at #22.  Johnson writes, “…with Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner in the backcourt it’s a team worth watching”.  So we got that going for us which is nice.

Via Twitter we learn that after scoring 19 last night, Mo Speights is having phone issues…Ed Snider was courtside for last night’s game…And the Sixers landed in Toronto after midnight.

Phil Jasner of the Daily News comments on Allen Iverson’s potential move to Turkey and spoke with Doc Rivers about A.I.

Former member of the 7-6 Sammy Dalembert is out 4-6 weeks with a groin injury.  Anyone want to bet that minor injuries are a  running theme for Sammy this year?



5 Responses to “NOTES, LINKS & TWEETS”

  1. Rob
    13. October 2010 at 11:27

    Just because Kapono had one good game doesn’t mean he’s the solution for 3-point shooting. Look at the stats from last year, Holiday had a better 3 point percentage than Kapono did .390 to .368 and they attempted about the same amount.

  2. PhillyDude
    13. October 2010 at 12:44

    I was at the first half last night… there were more Celtics jerseys than Sixers jerseys in the stands. And most were disappointed to not see the C’s starters (I know I was).

    Turner did look clueless, Meeks got rejected from behind on a wide-open dunk… and what was up with the multiple three-second violations on defense?

    And is if just me, or does Nocioni look completely out of place on this team? He bricked more than his share of shots, and his defense was definitely lacking.

  3. Philadunkia
    13. October 2010 at 13:27

    Seriously…You’re going to tell us that Holiday is a better 3-point shooter the Kapono?…C’mon. We love Jrue Holiday and admit that he has a nice stroke from deep and we hope he continues to develop that part of his game, but last year under Eddie Jordan was a disaster for Kapono. He rarely played and thus when he did get in, he looked rusty all year until the last 10 games when Stefanski forced Jordan to play him. Kapono is one of the best deep ball threats in the League, owns a 42.5 career 3PA % and would beat Jrue is a 3-point shooting contest even if he was blind folded.

    Again this not an anti-Holiday response, we can not stress how much we love Holiday, it’s just a reply so you get the crazy thought out of your head which is telling you our analysis is based on one preseason game. When he is given minutes, Kapono has repeatedly proven he is an ace from deep and can stretch defenses. We’re not calling for him to start, we just want Kapono to get some consistent minutes in order to open the floor for the rest of this team.

  4. Rob
    13. October 2010 at 14:43

    Very good point about being under Eddie Jordan. I wasn’t trying to take a dig at Kapono or say that Holiday is a better 3 point shooter (although it did look that way looking back on it), I just wanted to point out he wasn’t himself last year and that he needs to get back into form. I agree that Kapono is the better 3 point shooter but he needs to show it this year. Just because he didn’t get in a lot last year doesn’t mean he should be rusty all the time, but I can see where your coming from with him not having the consistent play and how that can throw him off. I just hope that this year he can consistenly come in and nail the 3’s like he did this past game. If he can do that then I can agree with you that it will definitely help.

  5. Will
    13. October 2010 at 20:49

    I think I may have noticed speights break a sweat on D a couple of times, which I guess is encouraging. Also, I can’t describe my love for Eric Snow and was thrilled to see that he seems to be relatively competent color guy. At the very least he’ll be better than Pinckney. Not that this has to do with anything at all. Just saying.

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