Once again last night there was no television coverage of a 76ers preseason matchup.  On Tuesday night Comcast SportsNet chose to air a nearly tw0-hour long Phillies post game show followed by the syndicated documentary “The Golden Age of Baseball” instead of the Sixers vs. Cleveland game.  Over at TCN we were treated to UEFA Champions League Soccer.  To be honest the soccer may have been more interesting then Sixers and Cavs in Cincinnati, but the point is, the Sixers remain the red-headed step-child of Comcast nation.

But once again, have no fear as we have the game covered for our readers.

We’ll start with fellow THN blogger John Krolik of cavstheblog.com who has a solid recap of the Sixers latest loss.    

Over at csnphilly.com they have highlights of Cavs win over the Sixers last night.

Dei Lynam of csnphiilly.com actually made the trip to Cincinnati last night and files this recap of another preseason loss for the Sixers.  FYI…T.O. was in the house.

Checking out the boxscore, we’re not sure what is most concerning — a) Evan Turner started, played 20 minutes and only scored 4 points; or (b) Jrue Holiday played nearly 30 minutes had zero assists and shot 30% from the field.  It does seem that Nocioni is finally healthy (17 points) which is good news.  But again these quick hitters are just based on analyzing the box score because the game was NOT on TV.

More on this game after the jump.

Below are some disturbing post game words from veteran Jason Kapono on the loss…

“We haven’t really been putting forth the effort,” Kapono conceded. “I’ll be the first to say it.  We are just not getting the job done. We do it for spurts. We played pretty well first quarter. We played alright for first seven minutes of the second and then the last seven minutes they scored 33 points.  They scored as many points in a third of the time.  Right now we are just not a focused team.”

Mary Schmitt Boyer of the Cleveland Plain Dealer posts a solid recap of Cleveland “romp” over the Sixers.  FYI…the Cavs are 5-1 this preseason and their projected starting five played together for the first time last night.

As you may have heard, heada coach Dough Collins was NOT on the bench last night against the Cavs.  Collins has been suffering from concussion symptoms since he took a fall back on Memorial Day Weekend.  The symptoms include “headaches” and “dizzy spells”.  Even in a  concussed state we’d still rather have Collins on the bench then Eddie Jordan, but we are a little worried that this could become a lingering issue for Collins as we are nearly five months out from the incident and he is still feeling side effects.

Brendan Bowers from the Cavaliers faithful site stepienrules.com caught the game last night.  Bowers delivers a good recap of the Cavs win and says he is impressed with the idea that the Cavs are “trying to be a part of a collective organized offensive attack.” 

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