Last night, Comcast finally put a 76ers preseason game on the airwaves and the 76ers rewarded their ownership group with a nice drubbing of the New York Knicks. 

We’re trying not to get too excited about the win last night as the Knicks are a mediocre team and last night they were without Amare and Gallinari.  Still you have to be a little pleased with numerous things the Sixers did correctly last night.

At the top of our list of “Things We Liked from Last Night’s W Over the NYK” was that the Sixers played some solid defense through the first three quarters.  Forget for a minute that the NYK shot 34% from the field for the game.  If you look at the tape, you’ll see hands in the passing lanes, blocked shots, numerous steals, tough on-ball defense, decent rotations and improved defensive rebounding.  We had to check the channel guide to make sure we had tuned into the Sixers game.

Next would be the play of Jrue Holiday (10 points, 11 dimes and 5 rips).  Holiday has struggled at times this preseason, but not last night.  Wednesday night he was simply dominant.  His night also included this ridiculous flush that garnered him “Play of the Night” honors on NBA.com.

NBA.com also has the rest of the highlights of the Sixers final preseason game vs. the NYK.

More of our thoughts after the jump.

Elton Brand showed that he can rebound the ball when he puts his mind to it  — 11 rebounds to go with 16 points.

Jason Kapono has shaken off the shooting slump that plagued him last season.  He was 8-13 from the field last night and 4-7 from deep, but more impressive was the 10 straight points he scored to cap off the Sixers 21-3 run that opened the third.  JK is shooting 52.7% from the floor in his last 4 preseason games. 

AI9 took the ball to the rim frequently.  When he settled for Js, he took smart shots (Read — only two 3PAs).  The result was an easy looking 20 point and 9 rebound night.

Thad Young again looked confident and smooth when taking the ball to the tin.  His jumper however is still another story.

Tony Battie showed that he had a pulse.

Louis Williams proved again that in 2010-11 he will be a one of the best 6th men in the League for the 7-6.

Again we know that last night’s W came against a Knicks squad that was without three starters, but you have to be encouraged by what you saw on TV from the Sixers. 

Hell, the fact that the game was on TV was a big step forward for us. 

The much improved play of the Sixers was a nice bonus though.

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