eddie-jordan_132It’s unofficially, official that the new head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers is Eddie Jordan which is ironic since Jordan was the first candidate that Sixers GM Ed Stefanski interviewed during the long strange trip that was his search for a new head coach.  Word is that the Sixers will hold a press conference on Monday to officially introduce Jordan their new leader.

We have no issues with Jordan being selected as the new head coach in Philadunkia nation. By all accounts of the NBA types we have talked with, he is a solid coach.

However, we do believe it was the safe move by Stefanski.

As he said in a statement late Friday,  “I saw firsthand the immense impact Eddie Jordan had in helping the Nets reach two NBA Finals…”so Ed and Eddie know each other well and there is a definite comfort level for Stefanski in hiring Jordan.

Jordan coached an up-tempo team during his days in Washington which is exactly what he is inheriting with the 2009-10 Sixers.  So that element also makes Jordan a nice fit here in Philly. (Although it will be interesting to see if Jordan who is a big fan of the Princeton style offense attempts to install those half-court sets here in Philly.)

Jordan also has prior head coaching experience in the NBA, so picking him is not seen as a big gamble by Stefanski and probably will not raise much controversy on talk radio.

Again we have no issues with Jordan  being chosen. For us it’s more about the fact that NBA front office folks love to hire coaching “retreads” and / or “their guys”  instead of trying to find the next Phil Jackson or Gregg Popovich. We had hoped that Stefanski would break that trend and bring a new NBA face to the Sixers sidelines. It also would have been great if that new face stressed defense and could have convinced the Sixers to play some next year.

More on Monday….

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