Last night there was a very interesting report on ESPN’s NBA pre game show regarding the 76ers.  That report said that Sixers swingman and “star” player Andre Iguodla had gone to the 76ers brass and requested to be traded.  The story was later featured on ESPN’s bottom line ticker as well.  Needless to say, we were shocked at this report. 

So we made a few calls and sent some emails to try and confirm this report, but no one we spoke with had any knowledge of the story.

Now the Inqy’s Kate Fagan has done some leg work and apparently gotten the answers we were looking for last night and earlier today. 

Did AI9 request to be traded just one game into the 2010-11 season?

Find out after the jump.

According to Fagan…

“That is untrue.  Iguodala has not requested a trade, nor has he told management he’d like to be traded if the Sixers aren’t winning by midseason. Iguodala has not approached management with any trade request.  According to a source, the “news” came from a statement Iguodala made — saying he’d like to play for a winning team — that was then taken out of context and morphed into the logical next step: well, if Philly isn’t winning, then Iguodala wants out.  Again, Iguodala has not made any request of Sixers’ management and has not requested a trade.”

Case closed?  We bet not.

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