The Turkish basketball league debut of Philadelphia icon Allen Iverson’s was postponed this weekend.  According to Besiktas officals, Iverson “did not feel ready” to play Friday and instead watched from the stands as his new squad beat host Oyak Renault, 87-81.  The W was the Black Eagles sixth victory of the young season.

Besiktas officials now expect Iverson to make his debut at Besiktas’s European Cup home game on Tuesday Speaking of Iverson and playing in Turkey.  The gambling website Bodog.com has some very interesting future and proposition bets listed for Iverson’s career in Turkey.

After the jump are a few wagers you can make on Iverson while he tries to get his basketball career back on track.


According to bodog.com, here are some odds for Iverson’s basketball adventure in Turkey.


Will Allen Iverson be on the Besiktas Roster for the entire 2010/11 Season?

Yes                               -300

No                                +200


Allen Iverson Average Points Per Game in the 2010/11 Regular Season for Besiktas?

Over/Under                    20


Will Allen Iverson be on an NBA Roster for game 1 of the 2011-2012 NBA Season?

Yes                              7/2


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