All is not well in Turkey…

In our last Iverson update we reported that “The Answer’s” next game for Besiktas would be on December 3rd .   We got that information from the club’s own website.  What we have learned since is that Besiktas web site only lists Turkish League games and does not list Eurocup games on the schedule they post online.  

So on Monday night, Besiktas traveled to France to play French basketball club Asvel Basket in Euroleague action.  The Asvel Basket faithful were racked and stacked at the L’Astroballe in anticipation of Iverson’s French debut.  Allen was once again in the first-five for Besiktas and that’s about all the only good thing we can report for Iverson’s latest adventure on the other side of the pond.    

We’ll skip right to the drama…

The third period ended with Besiktas leading 64-56.  Iverson only scored one bucket (a short jumper) in that stanza .  Then the unthinkable happened – again.  Iverson started the fourth quarter on the bench.  As the game wore on, French basketball fans and the Besiktas followers who made the trip to the away contest grew impatient and chanted for Iverson to reenter the game.  It was not to be, as Iverson sat out the entire 4th quarter and watched as Besiktas blew an 11-point lead and lost what the Besiktas website called a  “heart breaker”, 88-85.  At least he had a front row seat for Besiktas’ third-consecutive L in EuroCup tournament play. 

Iverson’s shine read like this – 2 for 5 from the field for 4 points; 4 dimes and 3 steals.

Needless to say Iverson was not happy (see video below) and online reports are that the head coach of Besiktas is barely holding on to his job.

Ironically all the drama come son the heels of Iverson’s first interview with a Turkish publication.  In a lengthy interview with Besiktas magazine, Iverson talked about how happy he is to have this opportunity in Turkey and of the great things to come from him.

 Our favorite quote from the interview…

Q: You scored 15 points in your first game, 2 in the second and 18 in the third.  How many points you plan to average at the end of the season?
Iverson: (Grins)… I don’t know how many, but promise it is not going to be 2.   

Iverson’s next Turkish League game is tonight at home vs. Olin Edirne Gençlik. 

His next EuroLeague game is December 7th.

Philadunkia Notes:

Philly native Matt Walsh (Germantown Academy) led all scorers in the game with 23 points and also contributed 7 assists for Asvel Basket .

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