kaponoisoStefanski, Stefanski he’s our man if he can’t do it then no one can.


Since Ed Stefanski took over as GM of the Sixers, it seems as if the Sixers are inching closer and closer to greatness. Yesterday, Stefanski once again made a brilliant move.


Stefanski shipped fan favorite Reggie Evans to the Raptors for Jason Kapono, one of the most prolific three point shooters in the game. Just how prolific you ask? How about having a career three point shooting percentage of 45.4 percent, or hitting 98 three’s last season while only playing 23 minutes per game. You can even look back to just three seasons ago when Kapono was with the Miami Heat which was statistically his best year. That season Kapono shot 51.4 percent from three while netting 108 from long range. The guy can flat out shoot which is something the Sixers haven’t seen since the departure of Kyle Korver.



He is as clutch as shooters come and is a tremendous acquisition for the Sixers. In addition to his on the court skills, the man is also bringing an NBA championship ring with him which he won back with the Heat in the 2005-06 season. Hopefully that ring will afford Kapono instant respect so that he can inject some leadership into the mess that apparently was the Sixers locker room last season. Plus as an added bonus, he has also developed a following at All-Star weekend thanks to his back-to-back three point shooting contest titles at the 2007 and 2008 All-Star Saturday night festivities.


For a team who shot worst in the league in three point shooting percentage last season, it goes without saying that they need all the help they can get from beyond for next season. I myself was hoping the team would draft a shooter that could fill in and be effective, but I am thrilled that they could acquire Jason Kapono while giving up so little. Reggie Evans would have had such a limited role on the Sixers next season that it wouldn’t make sense to keep him around so he could just sit the bench. Getting Kapono gives us a reliable player on the bench that can play extended minutes at a position that has been a weak point on the Sixers since the trade of Allen Iverson. Willie Green should not be a starter in this League and now it will be interesting to see what happens to Green in the off-season. With the Sixers working out many shooting guards before the draft as well as the addition of Kapono, it looks as if his time as a Sixers two guard may have expired.


kaponojSo how will Kapono fit into the offense? Very well I say. He is a GREAT transition shooter. When the Sixers are on the fast break, he can easily spot up and hit a three in transition. He is also at his best in the corners. Andre Iguodala and (if he stays) Andre Miller are great at driving and kicking the ball out to the wing. Kapono should have plenty of open looks when this happens. When Kapono gets open looks, this is the result. It will also open up the inside a little bit more. If defenses have to start focusing on the perimeter, then interior scoring will be that much easier (think the Orlando Magic in these playoffs).  


Once again this is a tremendous acquisition and I can’t stress it enough. If Andre Miller gets re-signed and the Sixers can draft a talented two guard (please let Tyreke Evans slip to us at #17) then this team is poised for greatness next season barring injury of course.


I have complete faith in Ed Stefanski now and I believe that he can put all the rest of the pieces into place before the start of next season. Acquiring some three point shooting was a great start.


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