The Jodie Meeks love-fest has officially begun on Philadunkia nation.  Kate Fagan of lets us know that the Meeks bandwagon is rolling over at PCOM .  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but we may need to slow down just a bit.

There have been so many Phil Jasner tribute stories over the last few days and it has been amazing to see the outpouring of respect for one of the NBA’s best beat writers.  We thought we’d point out two of the better posts.’s Dei Lynam writes that Doug Collins and others think AI9 has suddenly developed an agressive streak and that’s why he playing so well.

Brian over at has an advanced stat analysis of how the Sixers have done throug the first 20 games of 2010-11.

The 7-6 have moved up to #19 in John Hollinger’s power rankings on

Also over at the 76ers have moved up to #23 on Marc Stein’s power rankings.  Stein is also calling for the Sixers to pay tribute to Jasner on their uniforms.

Derek Bodner of writes that the Sixers “inexperience” is killing the team at closing time and he talked with Doug Collins about that item.

For those of you who may have missed the amazing dunk by AI9 over the weekend…Here it is again from

Via the NBA PA’s Twitter pagewe learn that the new gym at Lower Merion HS will be dedicated to Kobe Bryant.  We’d like to suggest the “Mamba Pit” as the official name.  The good news is for $25 a pop, you can get tickets for the gym dedication on December 16th and you can go listen to “remarks by Kobe Bryant” at the ceremony.

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