On Wednesday, 76ers Head Coach Doug Collins was a call-in guest for “The Mike Missanelli Show” on 950 “The Fanatic”.  Collins was very chipper and heaped praise on 7-6 for the way the team has been playing of late — a 5-game home winning streak will do that to a coach.

“Mikey Miss” and Collins discussed a variety of topics including the Sixers recent success, Thaddeus Young’s play, Evan Turner’s “demotion”, why the team struggled so badly out of the gate and his legendary teammate “Chocolate Thunder”. 

To be honest we couldn’t believe how straight forward Collins was in the interview.  Missanelli touched on numerous subjects we have been dying to ask Collins about and overall it was a very solid interview.

One of our favorite clips and the full interview with Collins after the jump.

Here’s our favorite clip from the very engaging interview…

Mikey Miss : On Thad Young…The fan base wonders whether he can play or not.  Give us an assessment of Thaddeus in your view.

Collins :  Thaddeus can really play.  What we have tried to do Mike is make him a nightmare matchup at one position on a nightly basis.  What I mean by that is there are going to be nights where we think he has a great matchup at the 3 and so we will play him at the 3-spot.  There’ll be a night like last night (Tuesday vs. Clev.) where he has a matchup at the 4-spot against Antawn Jamison, s we will play him at that position.  What Thaddeus has done and he’s really been great about this, I talked to him before and I said, “You know I don’t think you are a true 3 and I don’t think you are a true 4, I think you’re a guy that every night gives us a matchup nightmare for the other team.”  And that’s really what he has been doing and we’re finding ways to get him the ball.  On the fast break he is a fantastic finisher.  He gets out, he’s got great speed and now we’re finding him places on the floor where he likes the ball and he can really operate and stuff.  So to answer your question, Thaddeus is a terrific player…

You can listen to the full interview with Collins here.

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