After watching #72 for the Sixers sit on the bench yet again Sunday afternoon in very expensive jeans and a jacket, it’s safe to say the Reggie Evans for Jason Kapono trade hasn’t worked out favorably.  Although, it did make sense at the time, as of now we don’t need his services.  The emergence of Jodie Meeks combined with Kapaono’s inability to find a role in Doug Collins’ rotation has put Kapono on the bench permanently. 

Kapono has not played more then 12 minutes in a game since the end of October.  Except for the final play of the loss to the Hawks last week, JK hasn’t seen the floor in a game since November 17th and he’s been a healthy scratch in four straight games. 

Basically, it’s time to find trade suitors for Kapono’s skills / his expiring contract. 

The 76ers are in a dire need for another big man to assist them defensively and on the glass.  Hawes has been playing well lately but the other two (Speights and Battie) have been sub-par.  One more post presence off the bench could help the 7-6 mightily.  

We all know Kapono is a great spot up shooter and there are teams lacking from that department around the league.  Ball clubs like the Thunder and Bucks would benefit from his superb shooting skills.  The only issue with some of those squads, and those two in particular, is they do not have the necessary pieces that would interest the 76ers.  Also, the $6.65 million dollars he’s making this season might shy away many franchises.  So what the 76ers are looking for is a team that has a big man with a similar contract, whose body of work is seldom used.    

There are four teams that have a piece that could assist the 76ers and in return use Jason Kapono.  Obviously, we could see a packaged deal occur with more than just Kapono leaving the 76ers, but that seems unlikely early on in the season. 

After the jump are four realistic, straight up trades for JK that work :

Jason Kapono for the Sacramento Kings’ Jason Thompson.

The former first round pick from Rider would be a pleasant addition.  He has seen inconsistent minutes with the Kings due to the arrival of Samuel Dalembert and rookie DeMarcus Cousins.  Thompson is an athletic big man, good rebounder and a solid finisher.  The Kings 32.1 % from beyond-the-arc ranks 27thin the NBA and Kapono could help lift that figure. 

Jason Kapono for the Charlotte Bobcats’ Desagana Diop. 

A purely defensive minded post player who has seen limited action in Charlotte.  The Bobcats lack a spot-up shooter of Kapono’s stature. 

Jason Kapono for the Atlanta Hawks’ Zaza Pachulia.

 The Hawks lack a true small forward and could use someone in relief of Marvin Williams off the bench.  Paculia has been a consistent contributor in Atlanta but they already have plenty of players in the post to step up including Jason Collins, Josh Powell and Jason Collins. 

Jason Kapono for the Indiana Pacers’ Jeff Foster.

The veteran Foster is buried on the bench in the Hoosier state.  They don’t have a dying need for Kapono thanks to James Posey and Mike Dunleavy.  However, if either of them goes down to injury the Pacers may be looking elsewhere for assistance.

As you can see by the possibilities its tough to find a landing spot for Kapono.  His contract is a hefty price to pay for what you get in return.  But as the trading deadline approaches keep an eye on some teams looking to pick up Kapono’s expiring contract.

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