77040751RB006_VENICETRIPApparently in addition to his ability to drain the 3-ball at an alarming rate, the 76ers newest acquisition Jason Kapono also has some skills with the ladies. As evidence of said skills, Philadunkia nation we’d like to introduce to you Mrs. Ashley Kapono. Please give her a warm City of Brotherly Love welcome.


From what we could find out it seems Kapono and Ashley (then Ashley Cline) met in the summer of 2000 and the couple dated while Kapono was at UCLA. They were eventually wed in August of 2004.


Here are just a couple of tidbits and some pics from the Ashley (Cline) Kapono file…



During Kapono’s sophomore year he was once asked in an interview for The Daily Bruin, UCLA’s student newspaper to choose between pop starlets, “Britney, Christina, Mandy or Jessica?”


Kapono’s response, “Neither. I would say Ashley Cline because she is my girlfriend right now.”


Jason Kapono – a man with a smooth release on and off the court!


kapono3During a Paul Jones interview for (Canada) back in February 2009, Kapono was asked where he kept his 3-point contest trophies…


Kapono’s response, “The bathroom, that way I get to see them four or five times a day.”



That in our opinion was a pretty nice one-liner, but Jones was not satisfied.


Jones eventually consulted Ashley for the answer and this is the 411 Ashley provided…“Laughing loudly at her husband’s response, Ashley Kapono, finally let it be known that one of the trophies is at the couple’s off-season home in Las Vegas and the other is kept at their place in Northern California. But not without her comedic side, Ashley did say, when in party mode, she will hold the trophy over her head and run around the house.”  


That’s sort of hot, right?


We assume that she is making fun of Jason for this picture at right that was taken after he won the 2008 3-point contest. But we bet she’s not laughing at our man Jason when she taps the ATM machine or lays down her Black Card at Tiffany’s, thanks to the 4 year, estimated $24 million deal Kapono signed back in 2007.


ashleykaponoiv1Lastly, Ashley’s dad Tony Cline Sr. played football at the University of Miami and with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders and her one brother Tony Cline Jr. played football at Stanford University and with the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers, while her brother Darren Cline played football at UCLA. So I wouldn’t go messing with the Cline clan if I was Kapono.
































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