Posted by: Philadunkia
12/29/10 12:33 pm EST

We know this city is on fire over the Birds loss Tuesday night to the lowly Minnesotta Vikings, but the Sixers also have serious issues that need to be addressed and a simple post would not do those issues justice.

So Philadunkia scribes Nabeel Ahmadieh and Kevin Jones are back with another podcast to help you focus on the ills of the 7-6 and forget the Eagles debacle last night.

Among the numerous topics Nabeel and Kevin discuss on today’s podcast :

  • The 2-3 start to this 8-game road trip
  • Iguodala’s lingering injury
  • AI9 — Trade him or not? 
  • Brand or ‘Dre — Who is the better player on the Sixers?
  • The upcoming matchup vs. the Suns
  • What happens in 2010-11 if we drop the remaining 3 games on this road trip?

 Full podcast after the jump…


Philadunkia Podcast #2

Hosted by:  Nabeel Ahmadieh and Kevin Jones



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