As a Sixers fan I’m torn.  Yes the wins are exciting, but does anyone else feel like we’re running in place?  Recent word out of the organization is that the front office feels so good about the improving play of the squad that they’re planning on postponing the shopping of Andre Igoudala until the summer, which makes me want to grab a loud speaker, climb to the top of City Hall, and scream,


Do they really think that it is worth postponing the future of the franchise for a potential first round flame out to the likes of Miami or Boston?  Quality wins such as the other night over Chicago show what the squad is capable of, but if anyone in the front office thinks this team is championship-caliber or more realistically capable of winning a first-round playoff series, than they are kidding themselves. 

As a fan who is frustrated with perennial mediocrity, seeing such a still stance by management is scary; I  want to see this team shaken up, even if it requires relocating our most known name. 

The current roster is teeming with talent and could be crafted into a contender, but tremendous tweaks are necessary.  The early-season struggles evidenced this fact, which is why I was ready to swallow a shitty season in exchange for another high pick, along with cap relief and/or new personnel, which would come in a trade for the consistently under-achieving or miscast (depending on your views of AI9, his skills and role with the 7-6) Igoudala.  But the ever-improving play and recent winning is causing management to reconsider.  I can hear them now talking down at the WFC:

“Maybe a late playoff push is better than swan-diving completely into the rebuilding stage.  We might even sell a few playoff tickets.”

Well, I will tell them first-hand as a frustrated fan, that it is not the line I want to hear.  I have been waiting for a team that I felt could truly compete since Iverson was shipped West, and I have yet to sniff such a squad.  Securing a low seed in the East these days is certainly nothing to celebrate, especially since it would lead to a matchup with a much more well-equipped team such as the Magic or Miami or Boston.  This franchise has been stuck on first-round eliminations and missing the playoffs all together for years, and enough is enough.  A few inconsistent, albeit exciting wins, should not be enough positive reinforcement that the front office alters what is clearly the correct course of action for this franchise – a complete rebuild. 

The best way for this team to improve is to start fresh, and keeping the roster frozen with the hope of landing a low seed seems futile.  I would certainly sacrifice another early playoff elimination for the solidification of the franchise’s future, and I believe that most of the frustrated fan base feels the same.

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