Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
01/14/11 11:30 am EST

With the All-Star break slowly approaching, there’s not much to be said that hasn’t already been said about the Sixers this season. Right now they stand just on the edge of the playoffs in the 9th slot, with a 15-23 record.  There’s too many similarities that stand out with this team from a year ago.  The team is still without a superstar, they can establish leads but not close out games, and although the rotations on offense are better then a year ago they are still inconsistent and have ultimately doomed the team in certain games this season.

However there are many more bright spots this season then a year ago.

Willie Green and Samuel Dalembert are gone, two players who have lived by the word inconsistent. Perimeter defense which killed this team last year seems to be better then average this season.  Elton Brand is finally showing that he can play close to the level he used to play.  The Sixer bench has been playing great, especially Thaddeus Young and Lou Williams.  It also seems like the biggest question this year is finally being answered.  Evan Turner, a player who the Sixers organization is depending upon to be its future, looks like he’s getting comfortable in the offense and is finally being effective.

Yet, a 6’6” forward out of Arizona who is the alleged face of the franchise is holding this team back once again.  In Andre Iguodala’s seven game absence the Sixers went 3-4.  For any good team this record would mean the Iguodala’s absence was crucial to the teams success.  Yet for a team with 15 wins this season, and during a tough road trip, this was a great showing for the Sixers. Three of the losses came by five or less points.  In Iguodala’s first game back with the team two nights ago in a loss to the Indiana Pacers, he shot an atrocious 0-7 from the field including 0-2 from the three point line.  The 3-ball is a shot Iguodala should never be taking in this League.  For a team trying to grow and learn who they are as a unit, it’s clear that they should really be pursing to trade Iguodala once and for all.

You’re telling me the Detroit Pistons and New Jersey Nets have more to offer the Denver Nuggets for Carmelo Anthony right now then the Sixers?  If I were Rod Thorn or Ed Stefanski I would be throwing Andre Iguodala, Louis Williams, a future first-round pick, and maybe even Jodie Meeks at the Nuggets in exchange for Anthony.  I don’t see why the Sixers aren’t involved in this trade at this point in the season. The city of Philadelphia has given up on Iguodala so why hasn’t the organization?  The trade would give the Sixers a guaranteed superstar while still having the surrounding cast to support him.  It would be nice if Denver could throw a big man in the trade as well such as Chris Anderson to give us some more support in the lane. 

It’s time to pull the plug.  The Sixers have a chance to get the four or five seed in the East this season if Ed Stefanski is able to work out this deal.  Imagine the excitement that would be injected into the Sixers fan base with this move and how packed the WFC would get night in and night out from this deal?  It would breathe new life into the organization and give a face to a franchise who has been faceless since the departure of the prime version of Allen Iverson.

If Ruben Amaro Jr. is able to steal Cliff Lee from the Yankees, then Thorn and/or Stefanski should be able to steal Carmelo from the Nets.


7 Responses to “PULL THE PLUG ALREADY”

  1. Jeff C
    14. January 2011 at 12:45

    Why bother renting Carmelo for half a season? He has made it abundantly clear that he will not sign an extension here.

  2. T.Y.
    14. January 2011 at 15:06

    First off,long time reader,love the blogs….

    Now please explain to me,Mr. McMenamin,the organization’s love affair with AI9???

    I get that he is a solid player,but he just doesn’t fit into the future of THIS team.Don’t get me wrong I like Iggy but he just doesn’t scream superstar to me.He just lacks the “IT” factor that many speak of.I can’t for the life of me understand why he is still on this roster when there are teams out there who would have him.All I’m saying is try,for Pete’s sake TRY to move him.A 3-4 record without him againsst stiff competition while beating the contending Bulls is more than enough reason to shed his dead weight and move on.

  3. jason
    14. January 2011 at 16:30

    ESPN really let you publish this? WHY would the sixers trade off their only assets to rent melo for half a season and a first round exit? Melo would never resign and they would be left with nothing left to trade. They should have drafted cousins and traded for beasley and trade iggy for a 3 that is almost as good and cap space

  4. @ Jeff and Jason
    14. January 2011 at 16:53

    Once a player of Melo’s claiber comes to a new organization with a fanbase like the Sixers it would be harder to leave then you think. You say rent for a half a season, I say falls in love with a city and organization and stays for the long-term. The Sixers will automatically be a playoff contender in the East with Melo on the team. The team fell just short to the Celtics and Lakers this year, adding Melo would make things very interesting. Sometimes players think where they want to go is the right fit for them, until they discover something different. When Philadelphians actually follow the Sixers and attend the games, this is a hard place for any player to leave.

  5. Ransom
    14. January 2011 at 17:24

    While i like both players mentioned above, i dont think any team needs both Beasley and Cousins…nor could they survive at this stage with both. Besides, clearly 20-20 hindsight is being used, Beasley got trade for next to nothing this off season because thats pretty much what he was worth. His decent play this season has been a huge surprise to everyone, including the T-Wolves who traded for him. I agree, iggy needs to go and soon, but getting melo is useless because he won’t sign here. I would, however, love to see us get in on that trade as a facilitator. Find a way to dump iggy to one of the teams already talking about melo and take on a large contract to buy out and some draft picks for example. Don’t tell me a team like detroit, if giving up hamilton or gordon or prince, wouldnt take iggy and give us a pick if we agreed to take on troy murphey or something.

  6. Joe Wahler
    15. January 2011 at 09:54

    The Sixers are closer to the bottom than the top of the conference. Being a 5th seed or below keeps the Sixers in purgatory. We need to dump salary and let the young players play. Move AI9 for expiring contract(s) We have no cap space to acquire all stars and we are closer to the bottom than the top. Oh, and Carmello will not sign an extension to come to Philly. The draft is the only way this team will be better.

  7. Jumpin'
    15. January 2011 at 16:28

    Carmelo isn’t that good anyway. Selfish, egotistical. Do not want.

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