NBA Draft 76ers BasketballThis Afternoon Ed Stefanski took some time off to answer some questions from fans as well as the media on Sixers.com. I was there to cue in on some issues as well as both Depressedfan and reclinergm. Most of the questions asked were adequate, yet one towards the end asking Ed who his favorite player was could have been left out. Here is the transcription.


Ed Stefanski:  Welcome everybody – let’s get started!

[Comment From Steve] 
Do you view Andre Iguodala as the starting sg next season? If not does that mean Thaddeus will be the 6th man?


Ed Stefanski:  We think Andre can play either the 2 or the 3, which typifies our team – we have a lot of guys who can play multiple positions.   This will be something that Coach Jordan makes his decision on during training camp.

[Comment From Nigel in DC] 
Hey Ed. When you say you are gonna draft a guard you mean point guard right?

Ed Stefanski:  In this draft, we’ll be looking at perimeter players.   There are some true point guards and some combo guards who will benefit from Coach Jordan‘s system. So we’re going to be looking for the best available perimeter player.

[Comment From Walt, Poconos] 
What is the future of Andre Miller?

Ed Stefanski:  He is an unrestricted free agent who can select anywhere he would like to play next season. We cannot contact his agent regarding his status until July 1.

[Comment From Bias] 
Ed, do you think that Thad can be a Top-5 or Top-
6 in SF position around the league?

Ed Stefanski:  I think Thad has great upside.   A lot is up to him but his work ethic is terrific.   He must work on his handle and continue to increase his range; if they happen, he is one of those top players you’re talking about.

[Comment From 7Sixer09] 
Hey Ed thanks for taking the time to listen. How to you think Jason Kapono will affect out offense?

Ed Stefanski:  Jason’s ability to shoot from distance will make our spacing that much better and allow Elton, Thad and Andre Iguodala to operate with more freedom.

[Comment From Guest] 
Are the Sixers officially back to the old logo?

Ed Stefanski:  No hints, but I’m an old school guy and you should be ready for an announcement about our logo on June 23.

[Comment From Drew] 
Did Reggie not fit into your picture of this upcoming season…and why….(he will be a huge loss…he brought a spark to the team

Ed Stefanski:  

Drew, no doubt we will miss his energy. In every trade the other team is looking for an asset and in this case, Toronto got one.   But we fulfilled a big need as well and we were able to address what would have been a logjam at the 4 spot.

[Comment From jderry] 
Do you think you will be able to trade Sammy d?

Ed Stefanski:  

Sammy is an asset for what he can bring to the table on defense, with his rebounding and shot blocking abilities.   As a big he runs the floor as well as anyone and we have been successful when he does those things.   However, we’re always talking to teams around the league and if anything ever came up that I felt would make this team better, it would be considered.

[Comment From Walt, Poconos] 
What role will Tony DiLeo now play?

lwilliamsEd Stefanski:  Walt – Tony is an integral part of the front office and has been with me since I arrived.   I respect his opinion a great deal and he’ll continue to assist me with all matters related to the team.  

[Comment From Sparky] 
Is there a chance that Louis Williams might start at PG for this team next season?

Ed Stefanski:  

Thanks Sparky … this will be an important training camp for Lou.   We have high regard for Lou’s talent and this summer will be big for his growth and progression.   With Coach Jordan‘s system, he thinks Lou will benefit from a two-guard front and could play either position.

[Comment From Reginald] 
I was reading on different web sites that Avery Johnson would have made a perfect coach for the Sixers…… Championship player, Coaches real well….was he ever consider?

Ed Stefanski:  Reginald, we reached out to Avery’s advisor, and he indicated that he is happy at ESPN and the situation was not right for him at this time.   That being said, we are very pleased to have Coach Jordan here.

[Comment From Jeff McMenamin (Philadunkia)] 
Have you looked into signing a shooting coach?

Ed Stefanski:  

This summer, our players will continue to go down to a camp run by former player Mark Price.   We also brought in Mark Price’s assistant last year for a period of time to work with our guys.  

[Comment From Dannie – Reclinergm.com] 
Do you plan to bring Eric Maynor in for a workout?

Ed Stefanski:  Dannie we are planning to bring Eric Maynor in for a workout.

[Comment From Nigel in DC] 
So is Elton 100% at this moment?

Ed Stefanski:  

Nigel, yes Elton is 100% and he is currently in California working out.

[Comment From James] 
What “style” of play do you see the Sixers moving towards? Are we a running team with all of our young athletic talent, a 3-point shooting team with Kapono, Ivey, Marshall, Rush, or a perimeter team with Brand?

Ed Stefanski:  James- we are going to continue to play the up-tempo brand of basketball that we have been, then will flow into a motion offense that Coach Jordan has been successful with in the past.   We’re trying to be consistent on both the fast-break and in the half-court.

[Comment From James] 
Will there be a commitment to give more playing time to our young stars Speights & Thad?

76ers Celtics BasketballEd Stefanski:  Thad played 34 minutes a game last year, but one of the by-products of moving Reggie (in addition to getting a three-point threat) was opening up time to get Mo Speights on the floor more this year.

[Comment From Brian (Depressed Fan)] 
Ed, Do you view Speights as more of a four than a five in the long term?

Ed Stefanski:  I think he’s a 4/5, but i think he needs to get stronger for both positions, especially at the five.   I envision he’ll be on the court at times with Elton Brand, but Coach will make the decision on who plays where.   Both guys are capable of playing either spot.

[Comment From Rob] 
What does
Jordan want in a PG?

Ed Stefanski:  Rob- Coach Jordan has said numerous times that he wants a basketball player at guard, he doesn’t differentiate between the one and the two.   He likes combo guards, as evidence by who he had  in Washington with Arenas, Hughes, A. Daniels and D. Stevenson.

[Comment From Bill]

Has Jason Smith been cleared to play and how will he fit into the offense?           

Ed Stefanski:  Bill –  Jason has been cleared to return to the court for basketball activity.   He’ll be working his way up, starting with shooting drills and then getting to five-on-five games.   He will be monitored, but we are very encouraged and happy with his progress.

[Comment from guest]

What is the offense comprised of?

Ed Stefanski:  

The offense takes elements from many offenses, including the Triangle.  

[Comment From Scott]
Who do you like in the draft who fits the combo guard mold? Any surprises we don’t know about?

Ed Stefanski:  

Any surprises? Scott, you’ll have to tune into the Draft on the 25th to find out!

[Comment From Brian]
Are there any free agents that you have been looking to sign?

Ed Stefanski:  Brian – We can’t do anything until July 1, but we do have a list of candidates that we have reviewed. However, we have to wait until the negotiating period begins.

[Comment From Jon Malloy]
What are your thoughts on my man Christmas out of
Temple? I saw that the Sixers were bringing him in for a workout.

Ed Stefanski:  I thought Dionte had a terrific season for Coach Dunphy and the Owls. He’s got good size and can make shots.   We did have him in this morning and he performed well.  

[Comment From L.A. Steve]
Last year, I felt our defense gave up too many open looks on the perimeter, allowed to many mismatches in the paint, and did a poor job on the pick-an-roll. Will our defensive schemes remain status quo, or can we expect a major change?

Ed Stefanski:  I did review this with Coach Jordan.   I agree that we did get into too many rotations last year, a lot having to do with our guards not having proper containment. This will be a point of emphasis during training camp.

[Comment From Jeff McMenamin (Philadunkia)]
How would Wayne Ellington fit into the offense?

Ed Stefanski:  Jeff – we had Wayne Ellington in for a work-out this morning.   If you’re from Philly you realize what a great young man he is, which is a credit to Episcopal Academy.   Besides that, he can really shoot the basketball and there is always need for more shooters.

[Comment From Brian]
What are your thoughts on Ty Lawson?

Ed Stefanski:  Ty is a true point guard in this draft. He led his team to a national championship, which is quite and accomplishment.   Very quick with the ball and can set up his teammates.   The one concern teams will have will be his size and how that relates to the NBA game.

[Comment From Anthony]
Do you have any plans to trade up or down in the first round?

Ed Stefanski:  Anthony – Every year we look at all options to determine whether it makes sense for the team.

[Comment From Sean]
Are you bringing in any Euros like Beaubois or Sergio Llull for a look?

Ed Stefanski:  Sean – I saw Beaubois in Minnesota for a workout and we have many reports coming in about Llull.  Both are point guards that are intriguing.  

[Comment From Rob]
Who was your favorite NBA player growing up?

Ed Stefanski:  

Rob, Wilt Chamberlain was my idol growing up.

[Comment From Chris]
How did Darren Collison look in the workout?

iguodla04-10Ed Stefanski:  

Hi Chris. Darren Collison is one quick son-of-a-gun.   He had a very good workout, showed a lot of athleticism and can make mid-range shots.   He will add strength and work on his range.

[Comment From Sean]
Will Iguodala play more of a facilitator role in the new offense?

Ed Stefanski:  Sean – Andre Iguodala was a facilitator for us during this past season, averaging almost 6 assists per game.   We think in this offense he will excel because in Coach Jordan‘s system the guards and forwards are interchangeable so we can take advantage of mis-matches.

[Comment From Matt Nice]
Did you have any representatives at the Euro camp?

Ed Stefanski:  Matt – Courtney Witte (our director of player personnel) was in Treviso for the entire Euro Camp.  

[Comment From sixers29]
What are your thoughts on Eric Maynor?

Ed Stefanski:  Eric is a combo guard that we are going to look at and he will also be coming in for a workout in the near future.

[Comment From L.A. Steve]
The one thing that surprised me about your recent coaching hire, was that last year you often stated the we were, first and foremost, a defensive team. And yet you hired an offensive minded coach, why?

Ed Stefanski:  Just because Coach Jordan is known for his offensive system, it doesn’t mean that the defensive side of the ball won’t be a major focus. We are confident that we will improve on both ends of the court.  

Ed Stefanski:  Thanks to all the fans for joining the chat today! I appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed it.

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