chase1As we mentioned in our “Expert’s Predictions” post, in addition to VCU’s Eric Maynor a popular “expert”  prediction for the 76ers to select with the #17 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft is former Arizona small forward / shooting guard Chase Budinger. The 6-7 wing player owns a 40-inch vertical and is a hell of an athlete (He also played volleyball at Zona). Budinger is also widely considered one of the best shooters in this year’s Draft. had this to say about Budinger…


The first thing you notice about him is his size—he really does have great height to play on the wing, at either the 2 or the 3. His frame also appears to be capable of adding weight, and from what we’re hearing he’s also measuring out extremely well on all the various agility tests he’s taken in the workouts he’s been at.Paul Harris, who was clearly a man on a mission in these two days. Defensively, Budinger will need to improve on his fundamentals, as he often appears too upright in his stance.

In the drills, Budinger was outstanding, showing picture-perfect shooting mechanics and knocking down his jumpers at an impressive rate. He was slightly less impressive in the three on three portion of the workout, though, having a difficult time matching up with the extremely strong and athletic

Budinger is an interesting prospect in this draft, as he brings a nice combination of upside and current productivity to the table. You know what you’re getting from him in terms of his ability to shoot the ball, operate in a team setting, and generally know how to play the game. It’s possible that a good coach in the NBA will be able to extract even more from at the next level, though, especially if he can get him to play with more toughness and aggressiveness than he’s currently known for. ”

In an effort to get to know Budinger a little better, here’s and interview with Chase by’s Matt Crossman after his recent workout with our old friend Larry Brown and the Bobcats.

Here’s two quick excerpts…

Q: What are you trying to get better at?

A: Guarding the ball one-on-one on the perimeter. Taking my man of the dribble. Mid-range game. Things like that. From watching the NBA, knowing spots where you can attack all the way or have to pull up and take a jump shot.

Q: Describe your college experience. From the outside looking in, with all the coaching changes, that couldn’t have been easy.

A: I would call it interesting. Not what I expected coming into college. In the end, I thought it helped me. Having all the different coaches, having to adapt each year to a new style, philosophy, personality, system, it just helped me prepare for this level. At this level, you’re going to have different coaches, you might get traded, you might be all over the place. In the first five years, you might have three or four head coaches.

You can read the entire Budinger interview here.

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