samuel_dalembertWith the 2009 NBA Draft less then a week away, the news on the 76ers front is a little slow today.

So we’ll just throw a couple items out that you may or may not have read or heard about.

In case you have not heard by now, Andre Iguodala has some baby’s mama drama on his hands.

We’re also catching rumors of a trade between the Bobcats and the 76ers.

The proposed trade would reunite Samuel Dalembert with Larrry Brown and return ‘Cats center Nazr
along with Vladimir Radmanovic .

It’s an interesting proposal (especially if you are a Sammy-hater) that would return an offensive minded post player and more outside shooting in Radmanovic to Philly. Of course Eddie Jordan would never be able to play Rad and Kapono at the same time as they are two of the worst defenders in the League.

We caught wind of the rumor yesterday morning and then we were surprised to hear Tim Legler discuss it with the “Mid-Day Guys” on 610 WIP late yesterday afternoon. The interview with Legs by Gargano and Macnow of 610 was a great piece of radio, especially given how little attention the Sixers get on that station. Unfortunately the idiots at WIP’s website have yet to upload the audio file so we could include a link here. 

We told you in our review of “expert’s draft predicions” that’s Sekou Smith  is forecasting that the 76ers will draft Ohio State freshman center BJ Mullens.Sixers are trying to arrange a workout for Mullens before the Draft. So maybe Smith of has some inside knowledge on the Sixers.

Here’s a look at what had to say about the 7-foot Mullens who hit for 8.8 ppg. and 4.7 rpg last season…

D060208043.JPG“…can catch and finish as well as anyone, but he has an extremely hard time creating his own shot…

The third one-and-done center from Ohio State in as many years, B.J. Mullensdid not have the type of year some expected him to have. Operating under the shadow of last year’s outrageously talented freshman class, Mullens made some strides as the season went on. Before we talk about what held him back, lets to a look at what he already does well. His 1.41 PPP as a finisher was amongst the best in our entire database, which backs up the perception that Mullens is an unusually gifted athlete with very solid hands. Unfortunately, he only got 3.6 opportunities to finish each game, which was far below the average for big men we looked at. Possessing nice speed for a player his size, Mullens is also capable of getting up and finishing in transition according to his situational stats, but he didn’t get all that many opportunities to do so, going 12/14 on the year…

On the block, Mullens scored .85 PPP on 2.8 possessions per game, which is not very impressive. His post game obviously lacks polish, and he clearly has a tendency to force the issue, which you can see in his incredibly poor passing rate, which rival only Hasheem Thabeet in this draft. Still, you would expect to see him get a few more touches in the post considering how few other offensive options Ohio State had this season…

Despite the lack of touches, Mullens had a relatively efficient year with the possessions he did receive, scoring %59.7 of his possessions, good for second amongst all centers. Blessed with awesome athleticism and possessing great hands, Mullens has some unique tools. However, he’s going to need a lot of help to achieve his potential. He has more going for him than Thabeet did at that point in his career, but is nowhere near the defensive presence, and thus may very well have to develop his game while riding the pine, since he’s not likely to get a lot of playing time right away. Mullens will have to put in the work in on his own if he’s to earn playing time, and thus will have to develop a good deal of self-discipline with his work ethic if he’s to reach his potential”

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