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06/23/09 10:17 am EST

tylawson06-02We are two days away from the 2009 NBA Draft and as we all know, the 76ers hold the 17th pick this year. Even at this late stage, there does not seem to be a consensus on what move the Sixers will make. As you slide down the Draft Board to the Sixers it seems that most “experts” feel Ed Stefanski will take a guard at number seventeen. Could be a point guard, could be a shooting guard or it could be a combo guard, who knows. But there are also those who think the Sixers have their eye on yet anoth and after his surprise workout for the Sixers this past weekend, it could be a real possibility for the Sixers. However we think it is a smoke screen.

Once again, we searched the world wide web and gathered up a host of “expert” opinions on what to expect from the Sixers on Draft Night 2009. While we did find a lead candidate, we think you’ll surprised at the lack of agreement among the “experts” and how many of them are flip-flopping on their predictions as well as a few of the names being put out there as a possible pick by Philadunkia’s home team.



Ian Thomsen of SI.com…

  • 6/15 :  Eric Maynor (6-3; 180) senior point guard from VCU;
  • 6/23 : Austin Daye (6-11, 195) sophomore small forward from Gonzaga



  • 6/15 : Ty Lawson (5-10; 195) junior point guard from UNC
  • 6/23 : No change



  • 6/15 : Chase Budinger (6-7; 205) junior shooting guard / small forward from Arizona
  • 6/23 : Ty Lawson (5-10; 195) junior point guard from UNC



  • 6/15 : Wayne Ellington (6-5; 195) junior shooting guard from UNC
  • 6/23 : Jeff Teague (6-5; 175) sophomore combo guard from Wake Forest



  • 6/15 : Ty Lawson (5-10; 195) junior point guard from UNC
  • 6/23 : No change


Probasketballnews.com (Sam Meijia)

  • 6/15 : Chase Budinger (6-7; 205) junior shooting guard / small forward from Arizona
  • 6/23 : No change



Probasketballnews.com (Sam Amico)

  • 6/15 : Eric Maynor (6-3; 180) senior point guard from VCU
  • 6/23 : Brandon Jennings (6-1; 170) guard from Italy’s A-1 League


CBSSports.com (Sekou Smith)…

  • 6/15 : BJ Mullens (7-0; 260) freshman center / forward from Ohio State
  • 6/23 : Gerald Henderson (6-4; 215) junior small forward from Duke


The Sporting News…

  • 6/15 : Eric Maynor (6-3; 180) senior point guard from VCU
  • 6/23 : Jeff Teague (6-5; 175) sophomore combo guard from Wake Forest



  • 6/15 : Patrick Mills (6-0; 180) sophomore point guard from St. Mary’s
  • 6/23 : No change



  • 6/15 : Eric Maynor (6-3; 180) senior point guard from VCU
  • 6/23 : Chase Budinger (6-7; 205) junior shooting guard / small forward from Arizona

Yahoo Sports…

  • 6/15 : N/A
  • 6/23 : DeJuan Blair (6-7; 265) sophomore power forward from Pitt


maynorOur leader when we first sampled the “experts” with about 10 days left before the NBA Draft was VCU’s Maynor. Now with just two days left before the 2009 NBA Draft, the leader (3 votes) by the slimmest of margins (1 vote) is Carolina’s Ty Lawson. Just behind him with two votes a piece are Wake’s Jeff Teague and Zona’s Chase Budinger. Also two new names appeared in this sampling. Yahoo Sports has the Sixers taking Big East beast DeJuan Blair and CBSsports.com likes the 76ers to select hometown kid Gerald Henderson (Episcopal Academy on City Ave.).



The strangest part of the whole second sampling of “expert” opinions is that of the four experts who selected Maynor is our first sampling, not a single one stuck by their original prediction. We have not heard anything about Maynor falling flat in his workout for the Sixers, but something must have happened somewhere along the workout trail for Maynor to simply disappear from the Sixers radar and slide into the twenties now on most mock drafts.



  1. Al M
    23. June 2009 at 15:27

    Here is a winning gameplan for Stefanski. Send Dalembert to Atl. for Joe Johnson. He’s 6’7 3pt shooting guard. Atl needs to sign Bibby and keep Josh Smith. Send Willie Green to Orlando for Skip to my Lou Rafer Alston. Jameer Nelson makes him available. Draft best available pt guard to play behind Alston. C-Brand PF-Speights SF-Iggy G-Alston G- Johnson. Because Brand @ 6’8 Center. 6’11 Speights bring size @PF. You now have 2 scoring machines off the bench in 1st quarter. Lou Williams and Thadeus. 7ft Jason Smith rests Brand. Kopono starts 2nd quarter shooting 3’s and rookie pt guard gives Alston a rest. A solid 10 man rotation capable of wining 50-60 games and reaching finals.

  2. Andre M. Dillard
    24. June 2009 at 12:29

    Here’s a Idea? Just get rid of Dalembert and get someone to play like a big man. What is wrong with Tyler Hansbrough? He has more heart than Dealembert!! ou know what you’re getting with Pschyo T! We need a big man who can contend with the like og KG (Boston), Howard (Orlando), think big, or trade the bum!

  3. Roc
    25. June 2009 at 04:46

    I like your plan, Espicially the acqusition of Alston and Johnson.If you can swing this plus Igudala and Brand that makes Eddie have to do some coaching. And if he can get them to gel it can make us EXCITING,FUN,A POWERHOUSE, AND MORE IMPORTANT A CONTENDER FOR NOT JUST A RUN IN THE PLAYOFFS BUT IT PUTS US IN THE DISSCUTION FOR THE EASTERN CROWN!I have been suffering since A.I. left. I know those years had termoil, but i loved them, and i love him(always will even if he goes to the D-league)I know it’s not possiable for him to come back(is it?)and I know you miss those days! Is this possiable? MAKE THIS WORK!!You’ll have 2-3 allstars(Iguadala,Brand and Johnson)

  4. Roc
    25. June 2009 at 05:04

    And ohh yeah get a point guard to backup Alston, i’m thinking Teague from Wake. By the way did anybody else notice that Kapono is the same thing as Korver, he just has worse numbers? Check it out its true.

  5. I.M
    25. June 2009 at 10:22

    ,trade Sammy D. for a better one.please!. he is worst,I’m a die hard fan of the Sixers. And if possible draft a guard with a potentials like A.I. And I like your plans also, please make it possible! Thank You and Good luck for the next season!

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