I’ve never been a fan of roller coasters.  I’m afraid of heights, despise the BIG drop that initiates each ride, and hate how my stomach cringes through every flip.  You may call me a softie, I’m just not willing to risk a ‘freak’ accident. 

While no harmful ‘freak’ occurrences can happen while watching the Sixers, they certainly took me on a precarious and emotional ride this weekend that left me a little dizzy. 

It started with a monster upset over the class of the East in division rival Boston.  The Celtics appeared in the NBA Finals last season and nearly captured their second title in three seasons.  Talent-wise, the Gang Green are miles better than the Sixers.  However, the Sixers have held their own against the Championship contender. 

Outcomes from three bouts vs. Boston this year:

Date Venue Result
12/9 Wells-Fargo Center L 101-102
12/22 TD Garden L 84-80
3/11 Wells-Fargo Center W 89-86

Against the best team in our conference we’ve won one of three and lost two games by a combined five points.  Considering Boston is superior in nearly every aspect of the game and the Sixers turned the ball over only six times, this is an worthwhile accomplishment. 

After arguably the biggest win of the season, our beloved 7-6 pitifully collapsed on Saturday night in Milwaukee.  Faltering for a 28 point loss against the worst-shooting and lowest-scoring team in the League. 

It was a classic case of an exhausting let down after a huge win.  The Celtics victory was so monumental that it drained out the young Sixers squad against an inferior opponent the next night.  Especially playing in their fourth game in five days.

Elton Brand had his worst game of the year going for three points and three boards in 22 minutes.  And if we’re all honest, EB has looked exhausted recently.  Thaddeus Young was held scoreless for the first time.  The ball club connected on only 31-78 shots.  Rookie Craig Brackins played.  Yes, let me repeat, that is not a typo, Brackins got PT.  The Sixers did not lose, they were embarrassed. 

Despite the emotional jerk from the weekend, the Sixers should not be frightened.  Stinkers in the NBA happen.  It’s an 82 game season, a long and treacherous journey.  Even the two-time defending champs lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier in the season. 

At the moment, we sit comfortably in the seventh spot for the postseason.  Trailing the Knicks by three games, the Hawks by four and ahead of eighth-seeded Charlotte by six.  No time to harp over the let-down with a traveling West Coast slate against the Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings and Portland Trailblazers. 

Player To Watch Over Road Trip:  Shooting Guard Jodie Meeks

In the seven-game stretch in the month of March, Meeks has scored double figures each game.  Averaging 13.7 points on 41.9 percent shooting from beyond-the-arc.  One blemish on Meeks’ season is his shooting struggles on the road compared.  Jodie has shot 36.2 percent on the road, which is considerably lower than his 43.9 percent mark.  Let’s see how he fares away from home against three (Trail Blazers, Clippers, Jazz) of the bottom ten teams at defending the three.

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