On Monday we launched something totally new for you here at Philadunkia. 

We’ve partnered with Draft Street on a new promo for all you fantasy pros out their who need an extra fix.  

You can still sign up for the one week Philadunkia fantasy league with a $100 prize pool.

Basically, it is a salary cap league where everyone tries to assemble the best team out of the players who are still remaining.  You will have a $100,000 salary to build a team of guards, bigs, two centers and two reserves.  Each NBA player has been allocated a price based on their expected performance.  For example, Lebron costs $19,626 where as our guy Andre Iguodala only costs $13,955.  You can get the full rules here

The best part about this contest is that it’s 100% free to enter.  

But as we siad on Monday, Philadunkia nation be warned — one of us is looking to take home the $$$.

Join the Philadunkia $100 Prize Pool by clicking here.

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