76ers legend Allen Iverson had a run-in with the law last night down in Atlanta.

According to police reports, “The Answer” who is still stateside rehabbing the leg injury that caused him to leave his Turkish Basketball League team in the middle of the season, was riding in his Lamborghini Wednesday night when an Atlanta police officer pulled the car over for changing lanes without using a turn signal.

During the stop the officer noticed that the gray 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago had expired dealer tags — from 2009 — and had the exotic ride impounded.  Sidebar here…tags for that kind of whip cost around $10,000.

Needless to say Iverson did not handle the stop very well.

Carlos Campos, a spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department, told the AJC.  The tags were from 2009.  “So the tags were two years old,” Campos said.

The incident, first reported by entertainment website TMZ, occurred Wednesday around 7 p.m.  The Lambo was pulled over in the parking lot of a hotel on Peachtree Road on the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

According to eye witness reports, Iverson was not happy about being stopped and hit the Atlanta police officer with that classic celebrity line, “Do you know who I am?!?” 

Iverson allegedly also told the police officer, “Take the vehicle.  I got ten more…” and “Police don’t have anything else [F***in’] to do except [F***] with me.”

After the stop, Iverson climbed into a Rolls-Royce with friends who had been following him, according to TMZ.   The driver of his Lamborghini was given a citation for changing lanes without signaling, Campos said. 

It should be noted that Iverson did

There has been no comment from Iverson on the incident to the main stream media or via his Twitter account.

It’s good to see that Cru Thick is still going strong.

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