Now that excitement of the Phillies Opening day is behind us, it’s time to concentrate all your attention on the 76ers for a week or so. 

In case you haven’t heard, the Sixers are in the 2011 NBA Playoffs as the seven seed. 

“PLAYOFFS !?, PLAYOFFS !?”, you say in your best Jim Mora voice.

Yes the Sixers are in the Playoffs.  However, what lies ahead for Philadunkia’s home team is an extremely challenging series against the Miami Heat.  

To get you ready for what is sure to be a thrilling series, Philadunkia scribes Nabeel Ahmadieh and Kevin Jones are back with another podcast.  This one of course previews the 7-6’s upcoming matchup with Lebron, D-Wade & Company.

Among the numerous topics Nabeel and Kevin discuss on today’s podcast :

  • Poor play of late & especially cold 3rd quarter play
  • Breakdown of the last game vs. the Heat
  • The Heat & the Sixers late game struggles
  • Louis Williams injury and his role for this series
  • The game plan for trying to beat the Heat 

Philadunkia Playoff Preview Podcast

Hosted by Nabeel Ahmadieh and Kevin Jones…

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