Sports Illustrated’s Michael Rosenberg declares the Sixers America’s Team by virtue of their drawing the NBA’s Evil Empire in round one. Doubtless most Americans will be pulling for the 7-6, but can America’s Team really be the second most-popular in their own building? Evidently yes.

As the old saying goes, if you can’t stand the Heat, root for the Sixers.

Also at, the indomitable Zach Lowe points out that the Sixers have gone 38-28 since their Nov. 26 loss to the Heat, but regardless picks Miami in five. Why the pessimism? Lowe identifies LeBron James as the Heat’s x-factor. The Sixers’? Spencer Hawes. Gulp.

-Sports Guy has the Heat at 3 and the Sixers at 12 in his prestigious end-of-season power poll. In summation of the 7-6’s season, he says Doug Collins is likely a one-year wonder, Andre Iguodala  –by stepping up his defense and lowering his usage rate– has become what he was always meant to be, and Evan Turner has followed in a long line of number two pick busts.

Quoth SG: “There’s a reason they call that pick “Number Two.'”


In other world wide leader content, Doug Collins joined the cretins at Mike and Mike in the Morning and explained how he turned the tins cans Ed Stefanski gave him into gold. Or at least silver.

Stick around for an interesting bit a couple minutes in where he talks about how getting older has made him a better coach.

Via the official Sixers twitter account we learn  that Spencer Hawes can Dougie. 

The Inquirer’s Bob Cooney says that Aaron McKie and Lou Williams played one-on-one in practice on Wednesday. Williams also did full-court drills and made cuts, and said there is a good chance he suits up for Saturday’s season-opener against the Heat.

Via Deadspin, this video isn’t strictly Sixers related, but former ‘Nova forward Will Sheridan has apparently become a musician. His video is… well, just see for yourself.

Courtesy of below are some  of the Sixers playoff odds. 

Exact Series Results

Exact Series Result – Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Miami Heat 4-0                          13/5      (+260)

 Miami Heat 4-1                          7/5        (+140)

Miami Heat 4-2                          13/5      (+260)

Miami Heat 4-3                          8/1        (+800)

Philadelphia 76ers 4-0                100/1    (+10000)

Philadelphia 76ers 4-1                65/1      (+6500)

Philadelphia 76ers 4-2                18/1      (+1800)

Philadelphia 76ers 4-3                50/1      (+5000)


Odds to win 2011 Eastern Conference            

Miami Heat                                8/5

Chicago Bulls                            7/4

Boston Celtics                           7/2

Orlando Magic                           9/1

New York Knicks                       25/1

Atlanta Hawks                           60/1

Philadelphia 76ers                      65/1

Indiana Pacers                           100/1


NBA Series Odds

Miami Heat                                -1800   (1/18)

Philadelphia 76ers                      +1000   (10/1)

NBA Championship and Conference Odds

Odds to win 2011 NBA Championship 

Los Angeles Lakers                   11/4

Miami Heat                                13/4

Chicago Bulls                            7/2

San Antonio Spurs                     7/1

Boston Celtics                           15/2

Oklahoma City Thunder              12/1

Dallas Mavericks                        18/1

Orlando Magic                           18/1

Denver Nuggets                         35/1

New York Knicks                       45/1

Portland Trailblazers                   50/1

Memphis Grizzlies                     100/1

Atlanta Hawks                           125/1

Philadelphia 76ers                      150/1

New Orleans Hornets                 175/1

Indiana Pacers                           250/1

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