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06/25/09 10:09 pm EST

jholidayThe 76ers pulled off a bit of a surprise tonight with the 17th pick. As expected Ed Stefanski drafted a point guard, but his name just wasn’t Ty Lawson or Eric Maynor and that’s where the WOW factor came in.


UCLA’s Jru Holiday kept sliding down the Draft Board and when it was their turn at #17 the Sixers grabbed the kid. Some will label this as a steal as Holiday was projected by many to be a Lottery pick.


We’ll call it a reach, as Holiday will need time to develop and does not help the Sixers compete in the East next year. An Eastern Conference which will now be even tougher then in 2008-09 with the moves Atlanta, Cleveland, Washington and Orlando have made in the last two days. We don’t hate the pick, but we’d like to have seen a point guard taken who can actually shoot and most of all contribute next year — Maynor or Lawson could have done that for the Sixers.


Holiday is a 6-3, 180-pound freshman who played out of position at UCLA last season. Darren Collison was the Bruins’ point guard and Holiday played shooting guard. His future is at the point. He was named to the All-Pac 10 freshman team. He averaged 8.5 points, 3.8 rebounds, 3.7 assists, 1.6 steals and 0.5  in 27 mins. a game.


Hoilday was the 2008 Gatorade High School Player of the Year. He played high school ball at Campbell Hall High, in California. Rivals.com rated him as the second best overall player in the 2008 high school class and the #1 point guard. As a senior in high school, Holiday averaged 23.1 points, 9.4 rebounds, 6.4 assists, and 4.2 steals a game in leading his team to the state California Division IV championship and he was selected as a 2008 McDonald’s All-American. During the summer he played for the Double Pump Elite (CA) AAU program which is one of the powerhouse summer scene organizations in the country. Holiday also played in the 2007 USA Basketball Men’s Youth Development Festival.


Many scouts and “experts” have said that if high school players where still allowed to jump from HS to the NBA that Holiday would have done so last year and that he would have been a lottery pick. So it appears that playing out of position and in Howland’s slow down offense really hurt Holiday’s draft stock. Maybe he should have tried ballin’ in Europe instead of college.


Draftexpress.com had this to say about Holiday :


Jrue Holiday will be the first person to tell you that his freshman season didn’t live up to expectations, not that that fact has scared away GMs looking to draft a point guard. Holiday entered the season as a consensus top five high school player in his class, giving UCLA fans plenty of hope for yet another appearance in the Final Four when the newcomer teamed up with returning All-American point guard Darren Collison. That dream failed to become reality for a variety of reasons, but certainly the underwhelming numbers posted by Holiday received some of the most scrutiny…”

“…A point guard by nature, Holidayspent the majority of his time playing off the ball due to the presence of Collison. This fact, coupled with Ben Howland’s slow-paced offensive system, prevented Holiday from getting very many touches or allowing him the freedom to create. Scouts who have seen tape of the freshman from his days as a prep star in California know that Holiday is a blossoming talent with an intriguing skill set to go along with good size for his position.”



8 Responses to “TAKING A HOLIDAY”

  1. sharksbreath
    25. June 2009 at 22:53

    Ed Stefansky should be fired Immediately.

    The Brand signing was horrible.

    It was so terrible he attempted to trade him.

    The Sixers could be 35 million under the cap right now if they never spent a dollar last summer.

    They would also have had the same season they had this year if they did not spend a dollar.

    This guy has earned the worst GM in the NBA in one year of service.

    Now he picks a tweener PG/SG who can’t jump and can’t dribble.


  2. joshc
    26. June 2009 at 07:56

    You are looking at this all wrong. This pick is for the long haul, they don’t have the pieces to win a championship, they aren’t trying sneak in as a 6 or 7 seed in the playoffs every year. This is a slow re-build. Trying to get a quick fix and a guard who can contribute right away is not the answer. They need a young guy with a high ceiling that they can build around. Jrue is that guy.

  3. RickK
    26. June 2009 at 10:28

    This is a great pick for the 76ers. I think he will be able to earn minutes this year because he is very talented and has some maturity. This guy also fits our new Princeton system because he can shoot and will only improve. With that being said, they need to unload Brand ASAP that was a horrible signing until proven otherwise. The young kids look to have a bright future thou.

  4. Jay
    26. June 2009 at 10:50

    This is the worst pick ever. I am having Paul Pierce and Gilbert Arenas flashbacks. I didn’t know Freddie Mitchell played basketball. We are talking about a guy who averaged more turnovers than assists and with AI2’s 9 turnovers a game, we can’t afford any more. The bottom line is we had a chance to take the best point guard in the country on the best team and we passed. The ghost of Shawn Bradley still haunts my dreams.

  5. ESA
    26. June 2009 at 11:38

    If the guy has the talent to play as PG and in a fast pace offense as the Sixers have, he will be a good addition, and in 2 or 3 years he will be the commander of our offense.
    Elton Brand is a good PF, but his style does not fit the Sixers offense. I think they could try to trade him for a PF like Amare S. We could send Brand and someone else( plus a future first round pick) to sweeten the deal in exchange for Amare. Both Amare and Brand have medical problems, but Amare is much younger and plays the same ball style that fits the Sixers offense. (I know I am day dreaming about this deal)

  6. Ransom
    26. June 2009 at 16:23

    Umm in regards to the first post on this page. That is one of the most myopic and uninformed basketball commentaries ive heard in some time. What about the Brand signed was terrible at the time the signing took place? Was it the part about getting a perennial 20 and 10 guy (of which there are usually only 3 or 4 of in the entire NBA in a given season) or was it the part where we filled our most glaring weakness (inside, halfcourt scoring ability)? Yea those both sound like horrible horrible things to befall a franchise… What ur critique clearly ignores is that injuries are not something one can predict. Prior to his ACL injury, brand was pretty sturdy. And the ACL injury, in this day and age doesn’t necessarily have any implications for future performance. The fact that Brand hurt his shoulder falling over someone doesnt indicate any poor player/personnel judgement of him, merely an unlucky fall that has no implication for his future play (which is what matter in building a successful team).

    With regards to Jrue Holiday. once again your comment indicates neither poignant insight nor even a solid grasp of the game of basketball. First, Holiday is in no way a tweener. he is a PG, always has been. He cannot be blamed for having to play with another, more established PG in college. That does not change what position he plays or is (if Nash and Chris Paul played together, which one ceases to be a pg?). Second, while he is not the most athletic PG ever, to say he cant jump is ignorant at best. Andre Miller, Steve Nash, Derron Williams…all dudes that wont blow you away with combine jumping numbers. and none of them have Holidays combination of Length/height. Also, he did test in with a 34inch mac vert. For the record that is only an inch less than black griffin (who we all say can jump out of the gym). Not to mention the fact that that number will increase by a few inches with an NBA training regimen.

  7. Ransom
    26. June 2009 at 16:25

    P.S. I am in no way claiming that Holiday will be the next big thing. But to write him off because you think he cant jump and refused to pay attention to the rotational situations at UCLA is worthy of rebuke. For the record, the time he was allowed to play the sole PG spot on the floor (in high school) he happened to be a consensus 2nd best player in the country for doing so.

  8. Ru
    27. June 2009 at 00:33

    Ransom you hit on some good points but the fact still remains the sixers passed on two good floor generals that can help now startn to fit in with the other young players we have lets remember miller is not locked up yet.If it takes him 3 or 4 years to mature at a basketball level why not draft one of the other two look what the hornets did with CP3.Lets just hope it was the right choice

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