At Ashley Fox writes that with Boston, LAL and San Antonio looking old in this year’s playoffs, Doug Collins remains pleased with his young roster.

As you know by now, former Michigan star Robert “Tractor” Traylor died on Wednesday.  But did you remember that Traylor was briefly a Sixer?

AI9 tells Food Republic magazinethat he has always liked vegetables and has a “catering service” that brings him wraps before every game.

John Miller at writes that NBA lineups ar egetting “hyper-athletic” and the Sixers are primed to take advantage of that swing

Bob Cooney at has a Q&A with Thorn and Stefanski.  WARNING: It’s filled with softballs.’s John Finger catches up with former Sixer Kyle Korver.

Brain at looks at what could have been if the Sixers had beaten the Knicks on April 6th.

Michael Levin at says the Sixers should be interested in Greg Oden.

Via Twitter we learn that Evan Turner (thekidet) just drove back to Philly.

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