Dei Lynam at is in Chicago for the NBA combine and has some quotes from the various bigs the Sixers are considering at #16. 

You can watch the NBA Combine live on ESPN3 and ESPNU today.

Staying with the 2011 NBA Draft…

Kate Fagan at tackles the question, “If the Sixers had it to do over agin, would they draft Evan Turner?”

In case you missed it, Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley officially killed the AI9 for Rudy Gay rumors.

Is anyone else ecstatic that the Sixers are NOT involved in the Kevin McHale sweepstakes?

If you want to see some great scenery, check out the Sixers Dancers auditions on June 21st.

Via Twitter we learn that Evan Turner (thekidet) was trying to work on his game over at PCOM, but couldn’t use the gym because of a dodge ball game.  Damn kids.

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