DEJAVU AT #2 ???

Posted by: Kevin Jones
05/24/11 11:16 am EST

It’s exactly one month from the 2011 NBA Draft, so of course the trade rumors and draft predictions are running rampant. 

Most experts are agreeing on the fact that Duke point guard Kyrie Irving will become the no. 1 overall pick and new face of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  After that it gets a little interesting, being that the Minnesota Timberwolves have already made it known that the second overall pick is being shopped. 


There’s one rumor that keeps popping up all over the internet.  We’re not sure where it started or who to give credit to, but we here at Philadunkia are unable to ignore it any longer.

It’s a trade between the T-Wolves and our beloved 76ers and it’s is rumored to go down a little something like this…

Sixers send Andre Iguodala and #16 pick to Minnesota for the #2 pick, Johnny Flynn, Anthony Toliver and Martell Webster…

Is it just me or is this too good to be true?  The T-Wolves basis for the trade is that their three best players – Kevin Love, Wesley Johnson and Mike Beasley – are all too similar to Derrick Williams.  They feel like adding an unselfish player defensive player like Iguodala would help them at limiting opponents to fewer than 100 points per game, something that has been a rarity in Minnesota since KG’s departure.

If this went down, Sixer fans should be doing back flips in the streets of Philadelphia.  Not only is Iguodala and his horrid contract gone, but Derrick Williams (19.5 ppg. & 8.3 rpg.) arrival means that a perennial all-star who should come into League averaging close to 20 points a night teams up with the other young Sixers.

The 6’8” 250 pound (6-7 ¼ without shoes, 7-1 ½ wingspan) combo forward made one of the smartest decisions of his life by coming back to Arizona, where he elevated the Wildcats all the way to the elite eight.  Scouts have raved about his offensive awareness and his ability to play with both his back to the basket and his face up game.  Ahhh, imagine a starting lineup of Jrue-ET-DWill-Brand-(Unknown Center, hopefully not Hawes).  Then a bench that boasts Thad Young, Jodie Meeks, Martell Webster and Lou Williams.  Give this roster two years to completely gel and who knows what spot in the Eastern Conference the Sixers could hold in 2013.

Doug Collins defensive system is solid enough to cope without Andre Iguodala.  More minutes for the defensively solid Evan Turner certainly will help off set the loss of AI9 on that end of the court.  The edition of Toliver — a young, athletic big with a long wingspan — on the backline certainly will help the overall defense as well.   Derrick Williams may not be a great defender, but he had more then a few game changing blocks this season and the experts at have said he, “shows strong fundamentals” on defense .  He is a momentum player on defense and his highlight plays would not only give Wells Fargo some much needed energy but it would spark the team as well.

I compare Williams to a more athletic LaMarcus Aldridge.  And we all saw what the Trail Blazer was capable of doing this season. 

 The Pacers apparently have also been toying with the idea of sending Danny Granger to Minnesota for the #2 pick.  Let’s hope T-Wolves GM David Kahn realizes he needs a solid all-around player to compliment his roster of young players and goes after Iguodala.


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  1. BRoyGoesTheDynamite
    24. May 2011 at 13:51

    Derrick Williams is a bit smaller than Aldridge and I think it’s a leap of faith assuming Williams will both average 20 points per game and help the 76ers improve. Anthony Tolliver is garbage. After solid time in the D-League, he gained minutes on what amounted to be one of the worst teams in NBA history plus Kevin Love. Webster is a shooter but is inconsistent and seems to duplicate Jodie Meeks. Would the expectation be that he plays the small forward behind Williams?

    To me, this deal would be largely Williams for Iguodala straight up from the 76ers point of view. Is that better than say Nicolas Batum and Rudy Fernandez from Portland?

  2. @mysticslot
    24. May 2011 at 14:09

    come on man! a PERENNIAL ALLSTAR?? Even if this wasnt the weakest draft in years the idea that you are going to get an all star forward in a conference who fills their all star roster up with lbj, carmelo, bosh, amare, and (for a bit longer anyways)kg and pierce is just wrong.

    below is a list of all of the 3s and 4s in the 3pt era that have come into the league scoring 18+ a night. just look at those names.

    so yes, it is too good to be true–as in, if Derrick was going to be that good theres a good chance he wouldnt be dangled to other teams.

  3. Ransom
    24. May 2011 at 14:58

    Love the idea, but unfortunately, it’s the sixers and i fear this trade is far to good to be true…

  4. Dan
    24. May 2011 at 15:42

    The Aldridge comparison seems kindof skechy to me. Aldridge is (now) a back to the basket 6-10 to 6-11 guy whose team performed best when he was at center this year. There are no questions about whether he is a small forward. Williams is 6-8 and nobody’s really sure if he’s a small forward or power forward yet. Given his height, if he does have a good post game in the NBA it seems like he’ll be relying on his quickness against other power forwards and strength against small forwards, not his strength against powerforwards and centers like Aldridge. I’m not saying that Williams will be a worse player than Aldridge, and I don’t know that much about Williams besides a few March Madness games and a few draft scouting reports, I just don’t really agree that Lamarcus Aldridge compares well to Derrick Williams.

  5. mike
    24. May 2011 at 16:59

    Derrick Williams a more athletic LaMarcus Aldridge? You’re f’ing insane.

  6. Wolfenstein
    24. May 2011 at 17:54

    Throw in your first rounder next year (top 3 protected) and swap #14 for #20 this year and it’s a deal.

    Seriously, where do we sign?

  7. young trone
    24. May 2011 at 19:17

    If the Sixers get that #2 pick, they should most definitely draft Kanter and not Williams. No brainer.

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  10. T.Y.
    25. May 2011 at 10:33

    The biggest keys in this trade to me have to be the inclusion of Flynn and Webster.With Flynn we get another speedy PG that can at least hold down the fort until Jrue checks back in the game.Most importantly for us that gives the sixers a backup PG that can spare Jrue so he can be fresh for an entire game and not have to log so many minutes;which is a MAJOR FACTOR come playoff time.Webster is a solid player.And by the way,when is it ever a bad thing to have more than one serviceable-togood shooter on a team.(See Dallas Mavericks).Though I would not mind the Sixers drafting Williams,the need for us is at C.If Kanter is he scouts predict,he just might be the inside force we need to get over the FIRST ROUND hump!Imagine starting Kanter at the 5,Brand at the 4,Thad at the 3,ET at the 2,and Jrue at the point.That’s a very solid core to build around.Add to that Lou,Flynn,Webster(a known scorer,though streaky)and Jodie…..That would be awesome!Move a couple pieces for some big bodies and lock-down defenders and we are on the cusp of something great.If anything we get rid of Andre’s REDICULOUS contract.Can you say HERE WE GO!

  11. White Money
    25. May 2011 at 10:36

    Here is Alternate:
    Iguodala, Speights, #16, and 1st rnd pick next year for Webster, #2, Flynn (or Tolliver) and a 2013 2nd rnd pick.

  12. B
    25. May 2011 at 12:26

    why would the timberwolves want iguodala’s contract, though? that’d mean they’d have to bench beasley, or play iguodala at the 2 in front of wesley johnson, which stymies his growth. both ways, i’m sure if the timberwolves trade their pick, it’d be for a PG like Mo Williams or Raymond Felton.

  13. Kevin Jones
    25. May 2011 at 14:54

    Haha thanks for the comments guys…

    Kanter? Really??? Name me the last true Center from Europe to succeed not named Gasol….. I’ll wait. It’s way to risky to move up that high and take possibly another bust.

    There’s no way Derrick Williams will be a bust. While I agree he isn’t the exact clone of Aldridge, (LaMarcus is better in the post, Williams better near the perimeter) I think D-Will is going to have similar stats and impact on the game. He will be a first team all-rookie like Aldridge and eventually a 3rd team All-NBAer, like Aldridge.

    Thanks and keep reading. There will be a piece tomorrow on some of the Power Forwards I like at #16

  14. Kevin Jones
    25. May 2011 at 15:50

    you know on second thought… maybe he is more like Chris Webber? I don’t know, he’s special though

  15. Heisman
    25. May 2011 at 18:46

    I don’t think the Sixers wil be that much better with Williams. What we need to get is a CENTER. I would try to swap Iguodola for Anderson Varejao (Good defensive center with a reasonable offensive game). Then we would have a good team to compete in the East. we would develop Evan Turner with more playiong time, plus Jrue Holiday in the back court, give more time to Young, and have the leadership of Brand. This would be a very competitive starting five.

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