Remember that speculation blog post I delved into about a week ago?  The one about the Timberwolves shipping the #2 pick and some players for our #16 and Iguodala

That dream scenario got closer to reality last night when the Timberwolves shocked the NBA world and announced that 2009 first round pick Ricky Rubio would be leaving Spain to test out his point guard skills in the world’s premier League.

It is quite clear that Minnesota agreed to fork over a decent amount of cash to convince one of basketball’s most dazzling passers to commit to their sorry organization.  This theoretically means the T-Wolves are not keen on selecting someone they are going to have to pay in the 5 million dollar range, a player that they don’t particularly want.  They would rather spend that money on an established player, rather than another young project.

It’s actually so obvious that the T-Wolves are trading out, that they didn’t even workout one player who is projected in the top five in basically every mock draft.  Not one!  They aren’t even playing the bluff card. General manager David Kahn probably won’t even draft the rights of someone like Derrick Williams or Enes Kanter just in case he gets stuck with them during the impending lockout.

In any other trade Minnesota could be contemplating – Pacers for Danny Granger, rumored three-team deal with Detroit and Cleveland – wouldn’t get them anything they need, which is a defensive stopper. Getting another scorer would negate Michael Beasley’s efficiency on offense. Getting someone like Rip Hamilton would only be a Band-Aid.  The obvious answer to their biggest problem – defense – has to be Iguodala.

Rubio’s arrival to Minnesota makes it more enticing for AI9 to want to leave Philly for the frozen ice fishing of Minneapolis.  The T-Wolves are now going to gain more national attention than the 76ers with a point guard whose been compared to Pistol Pete Maravich and the best rebounding forward in the League – Kevin Love.  Memphis was able to rise from the ashes this season and Minnesota may be able to follow suit if they add Iguodala.

Rarely are players on the NBA’s all-defensive team made available through a trade.  Now that the Johnny Flynn era is officially over, the Wolves will want to move him and guard Martell Webster whose 5.26 million dollar exception for the 2011-2012 season is second highest on the roster.

This trade makes the most sense for both organizations.

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