Over the last two weeks we have highlighted what numerous “experts” believe the 76ers will do with the 16th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.  If you have been following along, then you know that there is little agreement among the “experts” on which direction Rod Thorn will go later this month.

The one common thread in these predictions is that all of the “experts” are forecasting that the Sixers will select a big man at No. 16.  For us here at Philadunkia, that’s good news, as we (like a lot of people) have been calling for the 7-6 to address their interior issues for over a year now.  So even though a true “center” may not be available at #16, we’re still hopeful that the Sixers frontcourt will get bigger, faster and more athletic on June 23rd.

After the jump we have an updated look a who numerous “experts” say the 76ers will take in the 2011 Draft.


Two opinions from Insider Chad Ford says the 7-6 will draft the other Morris twin, Markieff Morris (PF; Kansas). also predicts Rod Thorn will snag Philly native Markieff Morris says the Sixers will draft 7-0 Lithuanian Donatas Motiejunas.

The fellas at believes the 7-6 will grab Tristan Thompson (PF; Texas).

Steve Alexander of has the Sixers nabbing Klay Thompson (G/F; Washington State).

Over at CBSSports.comLucas Riva Nogueira (PF; Asefa Estudiantes – Spain), while his colleague Dave Del Grande plays it safe with a prediction of Markieff Morris at #16.

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