The only thing hotter then the weather in Philadunkia nation right now is the 76ers themselves.  The 7-6 have been all over the news in the last 24 hours…

Obviously the big news is that the Sixers are up for sale and according to TrueHoop’s fearless leader Henry Abbott who broke the story, a deal is, “imminent”.

Of course once Henry had broken the story, then the locals got into the act…

Dei Lynam had a source confirm it

First, Kate Fagan went out and “confirmed” the story.  Then she decided that “imminent” was too strong of a word after talking with her sources.

However, the AP is reporting that the sale of the Sixers should be done in a week.

Also the Iguodala for Monta Ellis trade that surfaced weeks ago is suddenly front page news again.  Most of us here at Philadunkia are NOT in favor of this trade.  This team only has room for one player who shoots with no conscience and plays little defense.  Since we already have Louis Williams on the roster, Ellis would not be a great fit.  Relax Louis…We still love you, so don’t go banning us from your Twitter feed again.  Plus from everything we’ve read, Ellis is a locker room nightmare.

Sixers legend Allen Iverson came out of hiding.  Iverson tells SLAM magazine that he is ready to be a “role” player.  If you are a true Sixers fan, you should take the time to read this interview, it’s very interesting.

Rich Hoffman of the Daily News has a solid piece on the challenges the new Sixers ownership group will face

Zach Lowe of the “Point Forward” blog on doesn’t like the AI9 for Ellis deal either and writes,“Iguodala was neck-and-neck with LeBron James as the game’s best perimeter defender this season, routinely shutting down or at least limiting star wings (including James) as the centerpiece of a legitimate top-10 defense.”

According to’s John R. Finger, Craig Brackins is looking to have a bigger role in 2011-12.  That should cure our interior play issues (Insert laughter here.). has Rod Thorn selecting Philly native Markieff Morris (PF; Kansas).

If the Sixers don’t grab Morehead State’s Kenneth Faried (Despite Brackins’ aspirations, Faried is a rebounding machine we think would be a good fit.) at #16, then it looks like Portland likes him a lot at #21.

Via Twitter we learn that the Sixers (@Sixers) have two sets of draft prospect workouts scheduled today.  Names of real significance include Jordan Williams and Trey Thompkins.

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