David Aldridge at gives the Sixers 2011 Draft rave reviews.

According to this report, the LAL were in hot pursuit of Iguodala but the Sixers pulled the plug over concerns about Odom’s “mental state” if he had to move from Hollywood.

Michael Levin at has a few final thoughts on the Sixers 2011 Draft.  Among them is the idea that…”Most importantly though, for the 4th straight year, the Sixers did nothing on draft day but make the one or two picks they were slated to make. No moves, no tweaks, no sign of activity to make me think they did anything during the draft except hope the one guy they wanted didn’t fall during their Solitaire tournament in the War Room.” posts a list of the Top 50 available free agents.  The good news — none of the Sixers are on the list.  The bad news — unless the Sixers make a trade, they likely don’t have the cap space to sign any of these guys.

Zach Lowe at “The Point Forward” blog writes that the Sixers selecting “Big Nik” has put Spencer Hawes’ job in jeopardy.  Our favorite line from Lowe…”The Sixers played better on both ends last season with Hawes on the bench…”

From the Daily Trojan (USC’s student paper) we have a great story on Vucevic’s journey to the United States and the NBA.  DYK…His dad played professionally for 24 years and was a member of the Yugoslavian national team while his mother, Ljiljana, played professional basketball in Bosnia.  So he’s go basketball in his blood which is always a good start.

Here’s more on the Doug-a-palooza tour that coach Collins is embarking on before the July 1st CBA deadline.

Brian at looks at the impact the lockout will have on the Sixers individual players.

Over at Josh Verlin believes that “Big Nik” can contribute next season for the Sixers.

A lot of criticism has been heaped on the Sixers selection of Lavoy Allen.  Here’s a video piece on what Lavoy Allen meant to his Temple teammates that may change some people’s minds about the pick.

More video from the Sixers Dancers on their trip to China.

Via Twitter we learn that Evan Turner (thekdet) had to ask Greg  Monroe what “planking” is…

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