Anthony Macri  at has some tips on how Mo Speights can improve his game.

A lot of folks are saying that buying the Sixers was a stupid business move for Joshua Harris as he got onlythe team.  Billy Lyon at writes that Harris is too smart to make a horrible business decision, so he must have something planned. recently caught up with Sixers legend Bobby Jones.  He’s living in Charlotte, NC now and coaches basketball.

Zach Lowe at The Point Forward writes that Allen Iverson can still contribute to an NBA team.

Andrew Unterberger at The Basketball Jones ranks the top 8 basketball moments from HBO’s best-show-ever, “The Wire”.  Elton Brand is on the list as is Iverson.

Brain at assembles his ultimate 76ers roster from players who wore the red, white and blue from 2001 to the present.

Via, here’s an excerpt from the new book on former Sixer Manute Bol — “The Defender: Manute Bol’s Journey from Sudan to the NBA and Back”.

Former 76er John Salmons is launching his own clothing line.  Shockingly it’s called…”Salmons & Brown”.

Philly basketball legend Dr. Jack Ramsay has a new book out as well and has an excerpt from Dr. Jack’s new read “Dr. Jack on Winning Basketball.” 

Sean Deveney at points out that with Yao and Shaq now retired there is a lack of truly great 7-footer in the NBA.  Deveney then looks at which current 7-footers could could fill the void left by Yao and Shaq.  Spencer Hawes is NOT on the list.

Via Twitter we learn that Jrue Holiday (@Jrue_Holiday11) was in the gym at 1:30 AM the other night.  Also Mo Speights (@Mospeights16) had a date last night, but he was thinking of cancelling at the last second.

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