The 76ers annual Beach Bash is this weekend.  This year’s edition should be interesting as no players will be allowed to appear at the event, so it will be just Doug Collins, Hip-Hop and the Sixers Dancers.

Starting Monday, Jrue Holiday will be hosting his summer basketball camp in West LA. 

This really has nothing to do with the 7-6, but here’s video of John Wall killing some clowns in a summer league game down in Baltimore.  These NBA player videos pop up every summer now and just once I’d like to see a video on Youtube where a member of the Sixers is featured destroying foes in a summer run. 

Chris Palmer at chronicles his top 5 small forwards in the League .  Iguodala is not on his list. lists the top 10 power forwards of all time and Sir Charles is on that list.

Brian at writes that if the 2011-12 season ever gets under way, Evan Turner’s emergence could force Collins to alter his lineups.

Over at Yahoo Sports, Woj has a lengthy article on USA Basketball and the 2012 London Olympics and there’s not one mention of AI9.

Via Twitter we learn that Jrue (Jrue_Holiday11) had a middle seat on his cross country flight.  Also Spencer Hawes (spencerhawes00) feeds his dogs from the table and here’s the photographic evidence.

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